Lazy dog.

I have a lazy, lazy dog. She never moves at all.
She sleeps all day, then all night, never coming when I call.

I have a lazy, lazy dog. She just lays there all the day.
But she really is quite well behaved if I tell her, “Stay!”

Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my babies. Sophie made me lunch and served it to me. Noah made himself a sandwich and ate it next to me. Then he vacuumed and put laundry away. What more could a mother ask for?? All I wanted to do yesterday was hang out with the kids. So we all just lounged, watched some tv, hung out on the deck, Sophie and I ran to the store and got frisbees, balls, etc to play outside and had fun playing catch trying to get to the balls we missed before the dogs did.

I would have pictures, but I left my camera up in Athens when Best Boyfriend Ever visited this lovely lady and her hubbie and new baby. Her baby is officially the CUTEST BABY EVER and for the first time in a looong time my ovaries said, “Hey! Let’s make one of those!!” To which I promptly responded, “Hey, you two down there, shutuppa your faces!” and then had a shot of tequila to keep ’em quiet. Seriously, she is mushy and cute and has those thighs you just wanna gnaw on and she SMILES that devilishly cute smile that makes people without children that are thinking about having one think, “Oh my gosh! Look how cute, honey! They look like so much fun and I know, let’s have one!!” And then you go home and that baby looks at her mom and says, “Phew, it was hard being so cute and charming all day. Now for some reality. I just pooped again even though you just changed me and oh, and by the way, I don’t plan on sleeping until Tuesday and I plan on crying for the next two hours about nothing in particular. Have fun!”

But really, this baby could be the exception to the rule. Ya know why? Cause she can sleep through Rock Band. Yuh huh. Right in her little pack and play next to me screaming my little heart out that, yes indeed, “I’m a Cowboy” along with Bon Jovi. So yeah, I am totally addicted to Rock Band! Even though I failed out on all three instruments except for the singing (which I TOTALLY got over 90% on over and over again) so I got sing the whole time!! Woohoo!! I love me some Rock Band. I think I know what I will be doing with my stimulis money from Uncle Sam. Screw the patio furniture we were going to get. Cause I’m a cowboy and cowboys need to rock!

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