Big, giant news

Yesterday I had an amazing half hour conversation with a well known agent in Los Angeles. Amazing? Does not quite do this conversation justice. Maybe more like God decided to let me have a perfect moment, one that I imagined for a long, long time. This agent loves my art, loves my writing and can’t wait to start pitching my children’s books to major publishing houses. This has nothing to do with the other news from a few days ago, so I am floating on a cloud, about to sign my second contract this week!!! I am not quite thinking clearly today. It is not everyday that someone calls you up to tell you that they clearly can see your vision for your life and they ASK YOU if they can help you realize it. I am too excited for words really. Yesterday after I got off the phone with her it was if someone injected me with a 100 cups of coffee. I called Best Boyfriend Ever to tell him every detail. Then proceeded to call friends and family and tell them every detail. Then proceeded to tell the boyfriend every detail AGAIN when he got home. He is so sweet to listen to my rambling again and again and again.

But just to keep my ego in check, thank goodness I have kids. I was bouncing off the walls when they walked in the door after school and blurted the news to them. “That’s great, Mom. I’m happy for you.” Noah said with a sweet smile not understanding how big a deal it was. “Cool mom. So…that’s something good with your art and books?” Sophie asked as she plopped down in front of the TV and began watching Hannah Montanta. “Guys!!!” I exclaimed. This is a REALLY BIG DEAL!!” I really, really tried to emphasize the moment, get them to enjoy it with me – BE a part of it. Yeah, not so much. Sophie looked up and said, “Yeah, it’s good, I get it, I get it. So…do you want to go play frisbee before it rains? Oh, what’s for dinner?”

Thank goodness for kids, right? They keep you grounded. BUT. STILL. EXCITED!!!

And now back to reality. Time for work-work. Ya know the kind that pays the bills. I have an interview to do for a part time designer in ten minutes. Reality. At least I love this job too. Life is good.

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