long days, longer nights and waiting on some good news

Hello from the land of ‘Working A Lot’ The college has gone to four day work weeks for the summer – which sounds really cool until you realize it means that in order to have those glorious three day weekends you have to have ten hour days. And those ten hour days means you get home after 7pm. And so you start working on your other job doing illustrations at about 8pm, if dinner is on time or you and Best Boyfriend Ever don’t decide cooking sucks rocks and you go out to eat and before all that you hurry and get right on the treadmill like you promised yourself you would because your summer shorts from two years ago just about fit. So the days are loooong. And the projects at work are biiig and yesterday before all this began you spent two hours at the dentist getting lots of numbing shots so that they could give you a DEEP ROOT CLEANING. Yeah, it hurts like it sounds like it should. So anyway, I finished three more illustrations last night and have seven left out of the 23. And only 2 need revisions so far, so YAY! And yesterday right as I was leaving work I got a wonderful, wonderful email from my agent about my work going over really well at a big conference…and I am awaiting the details. Lovely anticipation.

So here I am back at work to do it all over again today, minus the shots at the dentist. And once my mouth stops hurting and I get some caffeine in me, I will be in a much better mood. Right now, coffee is calling my name and so is a magazine layout and annual report design. So, hi ho, hi ho and all that.

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