The right thing gets done and I am SHOCKED.

So a few weeks ago a teenage boy who was driving his dad’s HUGE Expedition with his music on THAT loud and backed into me despite my honking and begging him to stop. And put a nice old hole into my brand new bumper. It was not my fault, but I was just SURE somehow it was going to cost ME money. Cause life? It just goes that way most of the time. Imagine my shock and awe when his insurance company called me after a few days of investigating and said they would take care of EVERYTHING and give me a free rental car to boot! So yesterday I went driving around in a Pontiac Charger while my pretty green car got fixed. I picked it up bright and early this morning and there she was. All shiny and happy again. When I pulled into the parking lot this morning at work I went to grab my lunch and looked down. The repair shop or Progressive had left me four new floor mats for my car. I had been meaning to get some, but since the floor of my Element is rubber I have just not gotten around to it. I called up Best Boyfriend Ever right away. “GUESS WHAT???!!!” I yelled into the phone. “What?” he asks with that voice that never knows if I am about to describe some new plot or scheme or perhaps tell him how I just signed on to do yet ANOTHER art project that will take me 2 months to do, mean we won’t be going out at night for weeks on end and will make me exactly ZERO dollars. “They gave me floor mats! FOR FREE!!! How do ya like them apples?!?!”

See, here in the land of rose colored glasses, I am disappointed by things often. People that lie, people that are mean just for the sake of being mean or because they don’t bother to find out the facts, people that don’t mind cheating to get ahead, or people that steal – why would they DO that?! Now people, I am not perfect, not by a long shot, and perhaps I am a tad too idealistic. “Tad?” I can hear my family rolling their eyes from here. So yeah, I was just thrilled, AMAZED even when I found out that the insurance company was doing right by me and if I did not LOVE USAA so much, I would most certainly be switching over to Progressive. Because Progressive? They rock. And they give you free floor mats just cause. And I loves me some free mats for my pretty, happy car. With the brand spanking new bumper.

And in other news, Thursday is the new Friday around here, so today is the end of the week. And tomorrow? WEEKEND! And if I get enough work finished tonite on my project? POOL! I will go to the pool tomorrow! But we will see, I am pretty sure I have way too much to do, but the pool, she calls to me.

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