A few pics to tide you over.

I am so busy at work and with this project of mine at night that I don’t have much time for anything else. No blogging, no internet surfing, no snooping into other people’s lives on Facebook (What are they doing now? How ’bout now? How ’bout right…NOW!? Sad and pitiful? Perhaps. Entertaining? FOR SURE!) Heh. So today’s blog for anyone that cares will be a picture blog to let you know I still love you and that I am still alive. The kiddies are with Grandma and Grandpa this week getting sufficiently spoiled so I don’t have to feel guilty about working from sun up till sundown. Yay for grandparents!! (Oh, and if I owe anyone an email or a sketch or anything, just be patient, I will get back to you soon! I am almost done with being in the land of working too much!)

Below is what I do for ten hours a day and I feel like I should just set up a cot cause the nights go by way too quickly and I am right back here in the morning. The annual report ROCKS socks tho so that helps. And Sophie’s artwork in the background of the computer screen I am eternally looking at makes me happy and smile every time I look at it all.

Below are of Skyler and Rufus this morning in the backyard. Lucy wasn’t having any close ups today. Apparently she was not happy with what the makeup artist did with her cheekbones. I heard her in the background muttering, “I can’t have my picture taken NOW, just look at me, I’m a fright!” Diva dog…

This is me in my pink flipflops and jeans. I love that some people are so adamantly opposed to the wearing of flipflops, particularly in the work place and how inappropriate they are – and how just by wearing what I consider the perfect footwear can piss people off without even trying. Man, I just can’t wait for the day I can wear flipflips to work…Oh wait… I mean, I can’t wait for the day I can wear flip flops to work and I look out my office window and I see the ocean…Yeah, that’s more like it.

Below is a tree in our backyard that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Growing up, our next door neighbors, had one and I used to think it was the most magical thing EVER when it bloomed. To me, it looks like a million ballerinas are doing a dance in little pink and white tutus every time the wind blows. My daughter seems to be as taken with the tree as I do, and can I tell you? I LOVE that. SO. MUCH.

Below is me being a dork in front of said Ballerina Tree. I showed Best Boyfriend Ever the photo and he just sighed and said, “You like taking pictures of yourself waaaay too much.” “But I am putting it on my blog!” I said, er whined. “People will think you are vain.” he said. Hmmm, lets think about this…”I write a blog all about ME. MY life. Me. Me. Me. You don’t think people already think I am vain?” I asked. Hey, think of it this way, I can give people something to make fun of if they need to. “That girl,” they’ll say. “All she ever does is write about her life, her work, her damn dogs. She writes about those dogs more than her kids – what a terrible mother she must be!! Who does she think she is?! She’s so vain. She probably thinks that blog is about her, don’t you? Don’t you? She’s so vain…” Were you all with me on that last part? Are you singing Carly with me now? hee.

And last but not least, the CUTEST little boy on the planet and his lovely mother, my nephew Alex and my sister Liz. SOOOO CUTE!!!

And because he is SO cute, I just had to post another!! Watch out ladies, here comes Alex!

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