Happy Friday!

I should totally be finishing up the last little bit for this job I keep talking about, but first I need to write just a quick something, because well, I am a procrastinator at heart and all this work I have been doing lately has made me have to go against my true nature of finding eleventy billion other more important things to do than the work that needs to be done. I mean, if I don’t find out how much MORE oddly white and defined Madonna’s arms can get, who will??? Yeah, I know! What is going on there? Obsessed much, Material Girl? Give the ol’ gym a rest already, we get it, we get it, you are 50 and ripped.

Anyhoo, moving on. In case anyone doesn’t know, I will be going here:

and here:

in a few short days, so I have been busy, busy busy. Because all I want to do when I get on the plane is to cuddle up next to Best Boyfriend Ever, open a ridiculously entertaining book that will in no way enhance my intelligence, teach me how to be a better ANYTHING at all and will just be easy on the brain and go down like a smooth Merlot. And if there is the word S-E-X GIGANTIC on the cover, so be it!! Be DAMED business man sitting next to me! I am going to enjoy my vacation from start to finish and if I look like a dimwit on the plane reading my trashy, yet oddly riveting novella, so BE IT! I have worked my tookus off the past few months and mama is ready to RELAX!

Ok, so you all get the point, I am ready for a break. And what’s that? What’s that you say? How do I feel about leaving my children behind and galavanting off into the sunset with Best Boyfriend Ever? Do I feel guilty? Hmmm, um, let me think about that for a nanosecond… yeah, not so much. Why? Cause the day before they are leaving for a month to go visit their grandparents who will be spoiling them rotten for 4 weeks solid. They just got finished with the one week version with my parents and now it is their other grandparents’ turn. And let me tell, ya, these kids will be lacking for NOTHING for the next 4 weeks. And when I do call them later that week, they will most likely respond with “Mom who? Oh right! That lady in Atlanta…MOM!” Yeah, they get THAT spoiled. As it should be. Grandparents should have the right to do whatever they want. And plus? Guilt-free vacation for mom! It’s a win, win my friends!

So I can’t show you what I have been working on exactly, but I can show you a peek. I can’t explain it, but here are some snippets to tide you over.

Ok, I need to go finish the last part, but I will have one more or maybe two last posts before I fly away on that big metal bird with my baby reading about some muscley man* ripping his shirt off.

(Go ahead, be jealous, you know you are!) 😉

*with arms ALMOST as buff as Madonna’s…ewwwww….

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