Leavin’ on a jet plane…

Ok, I was supposed to write more by now, but a kid filled weekend of sleepovers and Rock Band Challenges and a full day of work yesterday was no help to me at all. “Can you fit one last article in the spread before you leave?” my coworker asked RIGHT before Iw as about to shut down my computer and LEAVE, VAMOOSE, GET THE HELL OUTTA…. “Sure,” I sighed. “Email it over, I’ll get it in and reprint the spread.”

So I finally got all my WORK work done, the kids are off to THE GREATEST STATE IN THE UNIVERSE, otherwise known as um, Texas. (Did you KNOW they can still secede from the Union? I got told that SO many times in my married days. GO AHEAD AND DO IT TEXAS. Mexico needs more room.) Me? I’m not so much a Texas fan, but my son does come from there so it’s got that going for it. Anyhoo, I digress, moving on.

Kids are gone, dogs are kenneled, bags are packed. And I need to not be writing a blog, but finishing up so we can get out the door. I will blog as I can with pictures. Best Boyfriend Ever is brining his puter and I will have my camera.

Later taters! By tomorrow morning I will be in the land where beer is cheaper than water (so I am told) and then this weekend I will be where there is art I have only read about and gazed over, studied, loved from afar… I truly cannot believe I am about to go to! Thank you IRS from the bottom of my heart for funding my trip. My tax return and your stimulus money will be well spent – even if it is for sixty cents to the dollar…

Talk to you later chickadees!!

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