We made it baby!!

The flight was looong. But worth every cramped minute of it. plus I got to watch two chick flicks that Best Boyfriend Ever prolly would never have – score! And lemme tell ya that King Henry Dude? Total horn dog that f-ed up his country course of not thinking with the big brain. Not sure it all actually went down like that, but ya know men…

Anyhoo, we are HERE! The beer really is cheaper than water and it is SOOO pretty! Seriously, flower boxes EVERYWHERE and everyone is so nice. “Hahllo! Hahllo!” everywhere you go.

I have to run, so much do, but Boyfriend is behind me telling me to go dry my hair. And as far as the time difference, everyone is right. Once you get here stay up until your eyeballs feel like they will fall out and then the next morning? Bam! Ready to go!

(pics are talking too long to upload right now – will try again later!)

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