sign in the metro

ah….all makes sense now doesn’t it?? I wish I was as clever as the artist that made the postcard….I still love my bandaged bunny tho! I sold Scuba Dog this past week and while I know it went to a good home up in New Jersey (yay for New Jersey!!) I will miss it. It hung in my bright yellow bathroom and every morning it greeted me and made me smile. So I replaced it with Metro Bunny and that makes me smile now too. But still, Scuba Dog will be missed!

It’s funny, I do love selling my art, of course I do, but it is hard every time to let them go – even the commissions of other people’s pets. I honestly get such great joy from painting silly dogs, cats, any animal and when I finally drop them into the mail never to see them again, it is hard. how corny is that? At least I do know they go off and make other people happy. And I can tell my the email from the person that bought it, Scuba Dog will be making a whole bunch of new people smile. Besides, if I kept every painting I did, my whole house would look like a crazy lady lived there, all those sill dog paintings everywhere on every wall…oh…wait….too late.

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