Rambling, meandering, procrastinating post. But with pictures!

So, Hi! Here I am procrastinating. My name is Michelle and I love to put things off. i will tell you all about it. Maybe a little later.

It is my day off and the last of the four day work weeks. Yay!! Sounds good in theory, I know, but sucks in real life. Glad this is the last of it. But here I am not doing what I should. I have writer’s block. Total writer’s block. Maybe that is because I can call myself an artist, no problem, but a writer? Dude. That is hard. I have a book I need to get down on paper. All the illustrations are sketched or floating in my head waiting for the words. Some are on paper, some are not. But TODAY IS THE DAY. I need to get them out. I wrote the companion piece to a book my agent is currently shopping and I need to get some sample illustrations done for that this weekend, but this other book will drive me insane until I get it down and get it to my agent. I don’t even think I care anymore if anyone likes it, I just need to get it out of me so I can stop thinking about it anymore. Get borned already little book!

So in order to do as much as I can that will stop me from sitting and writing, I had much STUFF to do this morning. First I needed to get together a package to send to my best friend in Dallas. She is awesome and amazing and I love her to death and every single year we forget each other’s birthday. We actually will get annoyed at each other if we remember because then the other one HAS to remember that year. I think we may have both remembered twice. Maybe. After 13 years of friendship i think this is the first year I actually remember the actual date. So that was the first on my to do list today right after taking out the three stupid dogs. None of which have been exactly stellar pets as of late what with green paint episode (see below) and shredded paper towels that seem to appear every other day, and then just yesterday, Skyler stole my breakfast just as I was going out the door. Ok, actually I was in the bedroom showing boyfriend a great picture I had just taken of Dumb and Dumber looking all teenage hooligan and laughing about it and when I came out to the kitchen to leave for work I see her walking away from the counter licking her mouth. Stupid dog.

So later after I finally make some coffee, I am in my studio and the dogs start freaking out. I mean barking like CRAZY. I look out front and of course there is NO ONE. So I tell them to be quiet and keep packing the box up. All the dogs inside quiet down, but I hear another dog barking like crazy outside. I walk to the front door and there is no dog, so I go to the back. I hear a dog right outside the door on the deck. “Oh great! A stray!” I think. I look out the window and there is little old grouchy Lucy, barking to get in. Apparently in my pre-coffee haze I walked in and shut the door on the poor, old dog. Apparently she was lolly-gagging about and didn’t make it inside with the other two. She loves to be outside, so I imagine for an hour and a half that I was not noticing her missing, she was out on the deck getting some morning air, relaxing, enjoying her old self watching for squirrels listening to the birdees singing. Then she had enough and barked to get in. Yeah, so I am as stellar a pet owner as they are pets. oops.

At one point in the packing process, i decide I want to add a photo of me and my best friend and I can’t find one. So I dust off my ancient iMac and hope it turns on. Yay it does! And then I began looking through old pics from years and years ago. It is like flipping thru a photo album and that eats up at least another 30 minutes. Finally, I find the pic I want, but not before transferring a bunch of my kids’ pics to my new computer. Lordee I cannot believe my kids were ever that small! They have been in El Paso, Texas for the past month and I am missing them like crazy so seeing these pics just about killed me.

Anyway, here are some pics to see since I need to finish this rambling, having no point post so that i can go finally DO some work today. Have a wonderful, beautiful weekend and if you read thru this whole meandering entry I apologize for this time in your life you will never get back. But…pictures!

The trouble making hooligans…

Shortly after the breakfast theft. Hey, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. (You can tell she was VERY affected by her punishment)

The “good dog.” Shortly after being let back in after she was done getting her elderly self some fresh air without those other whippersnappers bothering her.

I could die from cuteness…Her first lost tooth!

Noah! On a pony!!! Before any video games of any kind took over his life!”

Back when Lucy was the teenager hooligan and Rufus was an 11 month old oaf of a puppy. He had just a few weeks before eaten a couch. I will repeat that again, in case you glossed over that. He ATE a COUCH.

And finally a video I took of The Soph when she was maybe 5 years old. Ugh I miss my babies!

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