Hear no, See no, Speak no…

So….last week was a bit crazy what with the working, the last week of summer, getting ready for school and getting all the print work done for a big college event. Lotsa fun. I had a great week with the kiddos and they got one last sleepover in before the dreaded school year began. Actually, only one child dreaded it, the other was thrilled. Couldn’t find two more different kids living in the same house if you tried. Really.

So because I had so much free time, I of course got this idea for some sculptures of Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. Er, I mean Sklyer, Lucy and Rufus. I should have taken the picture before the varnish was applied, or maybe outside in the sun with no flash, but I hardly ever have my act together THAT much, so here ya go. They of course make me laugh and I sent them to work with Best Boyfriend Ever to put on his desk, cause HA! they are funny and I am sure it will make for interesting desk conversation amongst his coworkers. I am putting a picture of the real life dogs underneath cause I am SURE you don’t remember what they look like. And look here how I captured the often not seen glowing laser eyes of death that they use when trying to get human food. “Step away from the sandwich lady and no one will get hurt…”

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