Too much busy, not enough play. Damn life.

I’ve only started about three different posts and have yet to finish one of them. I really need to because ya know, I need to bestow my wisdom and wit upon you all. That is why you keep coming back here, right? Right? Hmmm…. is this thing on?

Anyhoozooles, life is busy. How boring is that? It is the third week of school and we are still getting back into the routine. There are violas to buy, there is homework to do, there are braces to be gotten on, open houses to attend, teachers to meet and that stupid work thing that takes up SO MUCH TIME. How in the hell are we supposed to get everything done in life when we have 8 hours where we are trapped at work? Anyway, I have one entry where I declare I will be working for myself again making money from my art by this time next year, one entry where I tell you how much committee meetings drive me INSANE, one entry where I talk about being able to doodle in said meetings is the only thing that keeps me from going postal and one entry about the smell of vanilla perfume and how it brings me back to the beginning of art school days. Long before I decided to go off and make MY decisions that my mama told me not to and I was so, “Gooooood, mooooom, you have NO CLUE!!!” Turns out? She did have a clue. Oooops. So yeah, listen to your mamas. Hey! I’m talkin’ to YOU! So yeah, you can just imagine all the wit and wisdom I had to enlighten you all with which I overfloweth. But life got in the damn way.

And I have like one minute to finish this entry because I have to get edits to a magazine done, make a poster, a flyer and make a ballot box display to vote on a new college mascot to go on four different campuses all before I leave early to pick up The Soph to go get her bottom braces on.

But before I go I need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST BOYFRIEND EVER. You are now officially the same age as me, so HA! I love you and the fact that we are still together and this is the third birthday I have helped you celebrate is amazing, wonderful, happiness. And the other fact that you are ok with celebrating it by meeting me and the kids at an open house to meet Noah’s teachers THEN going out to dinner where YOU have to pay cause all my children’s new school year expenses have me TAPPED OUT, well, you rock socks baby. You are an amazing man and I am very grateful that we are together. Happy, happy birthday. I sure does love ya something crazy.

PS. If you came by yesterday or tried to email, I totally let my domain expire and did not figure it out until almost midnight last night. Ooops. So if yu emailed, email me again, I might not have gotten it.

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