Why children playing quietly is NOT a good thing…

It is my ex’s week with the kids. I don’t get them back until today.

Phone call from last night:

…Phone rings…

Me: Hello?

My Ex Husband: Hey, we have kinda of a situation here.

Me: Huh? What? What’s wrong? Are the kids ok? (panicked voice)

Ex: No, no, it’s ok. Just stay calm.”

Me: WHAT???

Ex: It seems…


Ex: Well, baby girl…. (he calls The Soph Baby Girl)

Me: !!!!!!!!!???????

Ex: Baby girl shaved her eyebrows off.

Me: *blink, blink*

Ex: Yeah…. one clean off and half of the other.

Me: WHAT!!!! WHY???? Why would she DO that?!?!

Ex: Yeah, can you come in to the school tomorrow morning and help her? Bring an eyebrow pencil or something?

Me: Um, yeah. Does she want to talk? Can I talk to her?? (trying not to laugh)

Ex: No, she is pretty upset, hey, stop laughing, you’ll make me laugh, she says she is too embarrassed to talk right now.

Me: Um, ok, I’ll be there by 7:15 am.

Ex: Ok, bye.

Me: …….. *blink, blink*


This morning I get to his classroom (he works at The Soph’s school) and she greets me with a hand over her forehead. I ask to see. She smiles and moves her hand away. I literally GASP loudly. “WHY, baby? WHY????”

She replies… “I dunno, I was bored. I didn’t think the razor would do anything.”

Then I suggest we could cut bangs to help hide it so I brought scissors and stuff with me. (All her hair is one length in a chin length bob) I suggest bangs to which she looks at me in horror and says: “Bangs?! But MOM!! Bangs would make me look WEIRD!!!”


So she now has a Brook Shields make up eyebrow going on. She looks ODD. Most likely she will just tell her friends about it and be over it. She seemed pretty over it this morning and kinda had an “Oh, well, I shaved off my eyebrows, whatareyagonnadoaboutit?” attitude about it all. Sigh…that’s The Soph.

So yeah. The Soph. My crazy daughter. I was gonna take a pic this morning and email it to everyone and post it online, but ya know, that didn’t seem to be the most supportive parental move.

Yummy Saturdays

Ya know how some Saturdays are so perfect they are almost decadent? Edible almost? Yeah so far today is like that. The morning started out with me getting up early with a pot of coffee and a great book I got for $5.99 at Borders yesterday with my girls’ afternoon out with The Soph. We got pedicures and shopped at the mall after school yesterday. I found The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd on sale and could not resist. I have been wanting a great book to read lately and BAM!, there it was. I began reading last night and went to bed eager to wake up and begin again. I love books like that. I am not a fast reader and I need a book that REALLY draws me into it to keep me at it. This book is that kind of book. Oh, her words, the writing leaves me envious, wishing I could write like that, and me making promises with God that maybe if we do get do overs in life I could come back as someone who could write lines like, “So few people know what they are capable of. At fourty-two I’d never done anything that took my own breath away, and I suppose now that was part of the problem – my chronic inability to astonish myself.” or “Arching my neck, I looked up at the sky, at the milky smear of stars, feeling a momentary sensation of floating, of becoming unmoored from my life.”

Sigh….her writing takes my breath away. And I am jealous of her words. For now though, I paint and I am glad for it, grateful and thank God often for the gift I do have.

So we ran out again to the bookstore today because a book Noah was wanting, the third book in the Eragon series came out today – reading a book he is interested in is the only thing that will drag that child away from video games. So it was money well spent, especially since he tends to reread book oh, about fifty hundred times.

I had to stop by the art store on the way home from the bookstore for paint I need for a commission I am doing this weekend as well. So I got Sophie some Sculpy to make art from and we got home to a Saturday filled with the luxury of doing things we all love. Well, except BBE who is taking a course in some kind of math that I no longer understand – most likely never did even back in my physics days. It involves complicated matrix looking equations and I don’t envy him. Poor thing.

But so far this is the perfect Saturday in pictures:

The Dude reading.

The Soph making Sculpy creations.

Me engrossed. And Jealous.

Poor BBE…MATH! On a SATURDAY! The horror, the horror… (hee! Laughing at my clever literary reference…hee! Get it?!)

My evening activity – about to begin.

My kids are getting all growed up!

Noah’s voice is cracking…Sophie is in braces…For those of you with babies, it’s TRUE. The time flies and all of a sudden you are asking your kids if they remembered to put on deodorant instead of checking to see if they need a new diaper.** Sigh…

And here is a super cheesy picture of me in the kitchen. And before you say it, I know what you are thinking, “With SUCH a well kept home, how DOES she have time for anything else?!”

To which I admit – it’s a gift my friends, it’s a GIFT.

*Dude, my kids will NOT be amused by this post. heh.

Saturday morning

Sitting with the dogs waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. No one is up yet. I should totally go wake everyone up because we are going to Boyfriend’s house to go clean and get it ready for sale. Finally, finally putting it on the market. Lots of things went on to make this finally THE time to do it. He has not lived there in over a year so there are lots and lots of cobwebs and dust waiting for us. The kids will be THRILLED. But they agreed to help in order to have a sleepover tonite. heh. Slave labor with bribery.

We (read: HE) hired a handyman to fix all the little things that need to be done to the house as well as – and this is the BEST part – paint the whole interior. Woohoo!!! I was ALL about helping, painting it with him to keep costs down, but dude, I am THRILLED that the next two weeks of my life will not involve painting walls eggshell white every night. Yay!

This is, perhaps, one of my most boring entries ever. I am going to start trying to write more often. I had a few ‘issues’ the past few weeks that just made me in general not feel like writing anything. Things are better now, LOTS better, so hopefully I will be back at it. I actually have a few very good entries to write. One involves an amazing gift in the mail for lil’ ol’ me and the other involves an email about Best Boyfriend Ever and where I will reveal his name. Maybe. Maybe not. But I need to come up with something because Best Boyfriend Ever is too damn long to keep typing out.

Ok, people, my coffee just beeped, the dogs are looking desperate and crossing their legs near the back door and if I go now I can enjoy a cup of coffee on the back deck surrounded by silence.

talk soon…

Under the influence

As you can see, I got my niece Kaitlin to start hamming it up with Aunt Shell. Cause ya know, she’s cool like that. Cause Kaitlin? Yeah, she “gets” me. Am I worried that she’s four and what that might say about MY mental age? Nope. Not.At.All.

And my nephew, Alex? Well, he just rules. See?