Good things

There is so much in the news to just make you want to crawl into bed under the covers and not come out until someone yells, “Ok, it’s all better, come out and play again!” So I am trying to focus on my little bubble of the universe and am thankful MY $65.27 in the bank is JUST fine and the last time I looked the sky was staying firmly in place.

I had a three hour meeting on Friday which went, um, well, did you hear me? I said THREE hours. How do YOU think it went?! Yeah, lots of doodling got done. So yesterday and today I painted those doodles up because they made me smile. They are not for any reason and of nothing in particular, just whatever little character popped into my head while I listened to statistics and facts and budgets and health care changes and branding guidelines…(Can you see why my mind wandered a bit?) I am thinking about making some cute 4×6 prints from them and putting them on etsy. What do you think? Would it be worth it, does anyone have money for anything as trivial as a silly little piece of art anymore? Some of these are on itty bitty canvases, some are on watercolor paper – just depends on what I have nearby. I think I will start painting all my doodles that make me smile and posting them, cause maybe if they make me smile, they will make you smile, and good lord I think we ALL could use a few more smiles these days, right? “Yeah, you betchya!” (sorry, couldn’t help myself…)

This last one is Lucy as the Travel Gnome – did I mention the meeting was LONG?

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