I must have 5 half written posts that I never go back and finish. I have so much to say, so much to think about, then I have work to do and when I come back I think, who wants to hear that?? So I have been distracting myself with painting my doodles lately. It has kept me busy as I have been waiting for some very important meetings to take place. And they took place. And good news was given! And immediately I wanted to tell everyone!! And say “Everyone LISTEN to my good news!!” Then I thought, “No, FOOL! you will jinx this! Do you not UNDERSTAND how the Universe works and it giveth and taketh away?!” So I didn’t say anything except to Best Boyfriend Ever and ok, maybe two other people who will squeal with delight and pretend with me that it is set in stone, absolute, NOT GONNA CHANGE, all the while we are all remembering the words “VERBAL agreement” so that we know we should not tell the world. Cause ya know, that jinx thing is for REAL.

So instead I will be cryptic and I will doodle to pass the time until verbal becomes written and much rejoicing shall occur.

In the meantime? Look! Monkey! And elephants on roller skates!

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