Happy Pre-Turkey Day!

The Soph and I are relaxing (and NOT working right now!!) waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to get here. The Dude is upstairs playing some video games and BBE is sitting and enjoying the beginning of his 5 day weekend too. I convinced him he should start his vacation with all of us. And he did! The house is all nice and clean (a nice side benefit of having company), candles are lit, dogs are groomed, and ahhhhhh.

And look at our pretty new table we got for tomorrow’s festivities! Woohoo! We’re hosting, not so much with the cooking – thank goodness for Mom, but we have a pretty place to eat it all! This is a big deal for me. I am not the most domestic person in the world and having a formal dining room for the first time ever is pretty nice, I have to admit. Can’t wait for everyone to get here! Will have lots of pics to show!


Mr. H. Coffee

Age 4, November 21, of Decatur, Georgia. Beloved friend and constant companion of Michelle Abeyta. Dear loved one of Best Boyfriend Ever each Sunday morning with a hearty breakfast of toast and eggs. Morning protector of Noah, Sophia, Rufus, Lucy and Skyler by providing much warmth, comfort and sanity to Michelle on early mornings. Was a good listener, could change a cranky day with just one button, with just one wafting scent. You will be missed and not forgotten dear friend. You will however, be replaced. TODAY. Please send condolences in the form of French Roast, Breakfast Blend and Jamaica Blue Mountain to Michelle Abeyta. Visitation available in the backyard up until this Tuesday morning, viewing will then briefly move to the curbside next to the mailbox. This will conclude all further viewings. Remains to be scattered at city dump per Mr. Coffee’s final wishes.

What proud looks like.

Remember a couple weeks back? The weekend of much crying and gnashing of teeth? Maybe not so much crying but MUCH eyerolling? Look what it looks like when your kid gets the connection that hard work equals reward. Sophie got third place for her social studies project!! Last night she was interviewed by judges about her topic because she went on to the next round at district where she was up against lots of other 5th graders in her county. Sophie chose a topic she loves – Ancient Egypt. And while the report part was what she had to really force herself to concentrate on to get done – for a kid that has it all in her head but struggles to get it all down on paper, she rocked. All she wanted to do was work on her board, the part she excells at. She spent so much time designing it, painting for it, and making her clay model where she spelled out her name in hieroglyphics. She totally deserved this moment. And the BEST part? The look on her face makes me realize she KNOWS she deserves it too. I can be proud of my kid all day long, but once that kid is proud of herself? Then? Then there’s no stopping her.

And the added bonus is that maybe, just maybe they think mom MAY have a clue about things in life. Prolly won’t stop the eyerolling, but one can hope.

And here is what proud a proud mom and a brother that, well, loves to annoy his little sister looks like. But he was proud too. Really. He said so right after he socked her in the arm.

So busy. One third done.

Getting there. Not quite at the halfway point yet. But plugging along. I am one tired lady. After this I need a vacation. A long one. That involves mixed drinks with fruit in them. Delivered by cute muscle-y men named Vincenzo, Dante or Alfredo. Poolside. In Italy. Yeah, Italy will work.

sneak peek


Daily Overview for November 14, 2008 (Today)

11/22 – 12/21

Have a lot to do today? Take a deep breath and find the bright side. It’s there!


You’re the linchpin of a big project at work or a big plan at home, so do your part and make sure that everyone else is doing the same. It’s a good time to live in the moment and put off planning.

The one thing better than getting a lot done in a day is having a good time while you’re doing it. Having a positive attitude goes a long way toward creating this magical phenomenon, so if you fear you are getting a bit overwhelmed by all the things you have to do today, just relax. Take a deep breath and seek out that silver lining. Once you find it, you’ll be able to see the light at the tunnel faster than you would have ever thought. Soon, you’ll be whistling while you work.


Got to bed at about 2am. Alarm went off at 6am. Kids came down at 6:45am all cranky and annoyed with each other. I told them if mommy wasn’t cranky and annoyed on four hours sleep then THEY couldn’t be either. “Ok, mom,” they grumbled. Or muttered. Or some such muffled child sound.

As soon as I turned around to get a cup of coffee Sophie flicked a postcard that Noah was looking at onto the floor. So OF COURSE he punched her. Hard. And she started crying. And I turned around. And I suppose the look on my face said plenty because their response? “Sorry, mommy, sorry! Noah I’m sorry.” and “Sorry, mom, we’re sorry, we’re sorry, sorry. Sorry Soph.” I just said, “Uh, huh, yeah…that’s what I thought.” and then finished making my coffee.

I’m tired…

And I’m not done yet for the night. Maybe midnight and I can go to bed. Been working nonstop since Saturday morning. I’d prolly be getting it done faster, but that pesky J-O-B thing keeps taking up 8 hours a day. Then there is homework and dinner, but the kids are pitching in with a few extra chores to help me out. Now if I can just teach them how to build a website or design a poster and send them in to work, I’ll be set! After tonite it will be 23 illustrations all sketched out then have to paint. I will have 46 more after this. I am not sure I will still like dogs so much after this is over. Yeah, I’m looking at you two….

Um, sure, I can do that.

What happens to your leisurely weekend of creating a painting for a charity event while you sip wine and maybe decide to go out to the pub, maybe get a run in at some point, when a phone call comes in on Friday night at 6:30pm? Well, if the phone call goes something like this, “They want more. They want it right away. Like NOW. We need it as soon as physically possible. Can you do it?” You kind of try not to fall over and mutter something like, “Um, yeah, I can do that.” Then hang up the phone and go “Oh crap!” While you figure out what painting already exists to give to the charity and how little sleep you ACTUALLY will require for the next three weeks while still being a mom and working full time. And then realize your life for the next few week will look and feel a little something like this:


Dogs for All Seasons

I wish I had time for a nice long post, but work has been so crazy this week. So many things to do and so many fires to put out. Not to mention websites, posters, programs and tickets to design all the while. If any of you all figure out how to do that stop time thing to catch up on life, you let me know. it will be our little secret. PROMISE.

The economy has most definitely affected the pet portrait business. While it is true, I am not advertising this year, I usually have 5-10 commissions come in all on their own for the holidays. This year so far? ONE. And that one shipped to England, not even here!

But I have had a couple requests from some charities and I have enjoyed that! I just finished one that is going to a labrador rescue (Labrador Friends of the South) that I am delivering this weekend. I am going to do four in this series and the first one is ‘Summer Dog.’ Tonite I am beginning ‘Winter Dog’ for a cancer research fundraiser for Emory university that I got asked to donate to as well. I guess I will have to find two other organizations that will get ‘Autumn Dog’ and ‘Spring Dog.’ If you know of any, let me know!

Ok, have much to say, but have more work to do so I better git. Have a lovely, lovely Friday friends!