From THE night…

In the beginning…

The final product.

Proud Mama and her dead girl…

Classic Halloween picture…childhood memories…

She was actually annoyed at pictures at this point, but it made for a perfect dramatic shot!

And of course…the required sorting of THE LOOT. If you forgot what childhood smells like, stick your nose into your kids’ pillowcase and smell all the mix of various candy all at once. Your childhood Halloween memories will come RUSHING back to you! It’s awesome! Oh, and mom will be running extra miles ALL WEEK due to the amount of candy I have been given. Cause whenever Sophie says “Hey Mom, want this Reeses cup? I manage to pause for all of maybe 2.4 seconds before “SURE!!!” slips outta my mouth. Yup, ‘The Willpower’ is strong….(Also: Note creepy demon dog eyes in the back, very nice spooky effect. Thanks Rufus Goofus!)

And the hopeful labrador that thinks she has a shot if she put on the cute puppy smile….Poor Lucy Goosey, she has no chance and doens’t know it. She has been following that bag around all weekend.

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