Dogs for All Seasons

I wish I had time for a nice long post, but work has been so crazy this week. So many things to do and so many fires to put out. Not to mention websites, posters, programs and tickets to design all the while. If any of you all figure out how to do that stop time thing to catch up on life, you let me know. it will be our little secret. PROMISE.

The economy has most definitely affected the pet portrait business. While it is true, I am not advertising this year, I usually have 5-10 commissions come in all on their own for the holidays. This year so far? ONE. And that one shipped to England, not even here!

But I have had a couple requests from some charities and I have enjoyed that! I just finished one that is going to a labrador rescue (Labrador Friends of the South) that I am delivering this weekend. I am going to do four in this series and the first one is ‘Summer Dog.’ Tonite I am beginning ‘Winter Dog’ for a cancer research fundraiser for Emory university that I got asked to donate to as well. I guess I will have to find two other organizations that will get ‘Autumn Dog’ and ‘Spring Dog.’ If you know of any, let me know!

Ok, have much to say, but have more work to do so I better git. Have a lovely, lovely Friday friends!

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