Got to bed at about 2am. Alarm went off at 6am. Kids came down at 6:45am all cranky and annoyed with each other. I told them if mommy wasn’t cranky and annoyed on four hours sleep then THEY couldn’t be either. “Ok, mom,” they grumbled. Or muttered. Or some such muffled child sound.

As soon as I turned around to get a cup of coffee Sophie flicked a postcard that Noah was looking at onto the floor. So OF COURSE he punched her. Hard. And she started crying. And I turned around. And I suppose the look on my face said plenty because their response? “Sorry, mommy, sorry! Noah I’m sorry.” and “Sorry, mom, we’re sorry, we’re sorry, sorry. Sorry Soph.” I just said, “Uh, huh, yeah…that’s what I thought.” and then finished making my coffee.

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