What proud looks like.

Remember a couple weeks back? The weekend of much crying and gnashing of teeth? Maybe not so much crying but MUCH eyerolling? Look what it looks like when your kid gets the connection that hard work equals reward. Sophie got third place for her social studies project!! Last night she was interviewed by judges about her topic because she went on to the next round at district where she was up against lots of other 5th graders in her county. Sophie chose a topic she loves – Ancient Egypt. And while the report part was what she had to really force herself to concentrate on to get done – for a kid that has it all in her head but struggles to get it all down on paper, she rocked. All she wanted to do was work on her board, the part she excells at. She spent so much time designing it, painting for it, and making her clay model where she spelled out her name in hieroglyphics. She totally deserved this moment. And the BEST part? The look on her face makes me realize she KNOWS she deserves it too. I can be proud of my kid all day long, but once that kid is proud of herself? Then? Then there’s no stopping her.

And the added bonus is that maybe, just maybe they think mom MAY have a clue about things in life. Prolly won’t stop the eyerolling, but one can hope.

And here is what proud a proud mom and a brother that, well, loves to annoy his little sister looks like. But he was proud too. Really. He said so right after he socked her in the arm.

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