I am sitting here literally listening and waiting for the sound of the coffee pot to finish. It is 6:40am and I have not been to bed before midnight or 1am in I don’t know how long. Yeah, replaced Mr. Coffee with a cheaper and younger model. He doesn’t tell me when he’s done like the last one – there used to be a wonderful beep to let me know when he was finished – now he just finishes up on his own, done with no warning. He’s all hot, happy and content, and when I happen to notice, “Oh yeah, here’s some coffee for you too, Michelle, forgot to let you know I was finishing, sweetie!.” As you can tell I am tired if I am making innuendos up about new, younger Mr. Coffee and if he satisfies me versus my old Mr. Coffee. Tooo tired. Yesterday I giggled like teenage girl when someone said the card stock for our presentation today was nice and stiff. And don’t even get me started on how I snorted loudly when I heard my coworker exasperatedly tell someone to get a logo in a layout with the words, “I don’t care HOW you get it in, just STICK IT IN ALREADY!!” Yeah, I’m tired. And loopy. And I better go cause that younger Mr. Coffee is gonna finish without me….and I man, hate that!

“Hey, hey you! Yeah, you there! Down here!! I’m down here in the gutter! Wanna join me?!”

Yeah…can you believe I have to TALK IN FRONT of people today???

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