Newborn baby tired

I am sooo tired. I mean really, really tired. I mean having a newborn baby tired. And I remember that kind of tired, and I also know that you NEVER, EVER compare yourself to the tired of a newborn infant parent. Unless you want to get socked right in the eyeball by a sleep deprived mom or dad. You DO NOT, because it is just not the same. It is like when you hear someone that has never had a migraine say that they have a migraine but they are not in bed, immobile, in the blackest room possible , throwing their guts up with weird vision issues. Yeah, unless you are like that? You DO NOT have a migraine! You may have a REALLY bad headache, but you don’t have a migraine. So shut the he… you don’t have a migraine.

Ok, but me? I am that tired. I am tired like I have been getting 2-3 hours of sort of ok sleep for over a month now. I have been super, crazy busy with work (the one that pays me actual money) and then I come home and work another however many hours at night on the work that feeds my spirit. But dude? My spirit even needs a damn nap. My brain is like a marshmellow today and I need to design an annual report. Do you think the president will be ok when he sees all the dogs in it? “No really!” I’ll say. “People will LOVE it, Dr. T! Look! Dogs in Arizona! Dogs in California surfing! It’s funny!” No? Not so much? You want to know what the heck dogs have to do with the mission of the college? I’m what? Fired? But… this is the job that pays me actual money! Ok, no dogs. Gotchya.

Sorry, Ima lil delirious. But after 54 illustrations of dogs? and 15 still to go? I get to say I am as tired as a mama of a colicky newborn baby. So be nice to me. Cause I might just bite your head off if you tell me you were up until 11pm last night and you are bit tired today.

Hey look! monkey! and giraffe!

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