Almost there…

Well I got 8 hours of sleep last night and I feel positively giddy! The night before I had only slept for 4 hours and was sorta zombie like. But. I FINISHED! All the illustrations for all 4 books are done!!!! woohooo! All i have left is to colorize the last of them on the computer and write the text. Here is what has kept me busy for the past 45 days. I have not had a day off in 45 days – researching, writing, painting, scanning and creating vector files from scanned paintings then coloring them. After this I just have to finish two mini pet portrait commissions and one web freelance job that I somehow said I could do while I was telling the client that I was too busy to take it. Funny how that works, huh?

I should be able to finish all the work for this last book tonite. BBE and I give the kiddos their Christmas presents tonite since they are leaving Saturday for Texas for two weeks. I am SO excited to give them their gifts. I saved a little bit here and there for the past 5 months to get them what I wanted to. But what I am MOST proud of is that this past Saturday I got them to sit down and hand make presents for all of their family for Christmas! I know they are going to feel so excited to give their own handmade gifts to all their family. I would post pics of what they made, but family reads this and wouldn’t want it ruined.

But here are some pics of what 45 days worth of illustrations look like:

And can I tell you? I cannot WAIT until December 24 so that I can DO NOTHING for 2 weeks!!! Two words people: Rum. Eggnog. (and really? I don’t caresomuch about the eggnog.)

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