A moment

It’s Sunday morning. It’s almost 9, but it’s so quiet and overcast out, so still kinda dark. BBE is still asleep and the dogs are lazily sleeping all around my feet. My kids left with their dad yesterday for Texas. I talked to them when they were just outside of Austin or Dallas. Noah didn’t know which place they were using as their stopping point and I am sure he has hardly looked up the entire car ride instead playing Monopoly on his ipod that he is addicted to. Ah well, as long as they are safe. It took me a while to get through to them and I only had one major panic attack when I realized it had been 9 hours on the road and neither the kids or his dad were answering their phones. I won’t get into what things go through a mom’s head when that happens, but the voice of a groggy 12 year old finally answering the phone on your 6th time trying sounds just like a slice of heaven. No one can tell a mom not to worry when her heart and soul is driving for two days in a car across country. When they call to tell me they are there safely I can breathe again. Until then I will be holding my breath thankyouverymuch. I’m a mom, it’s just how it goes.

I finished the fourth book yesterday. Sent off the final two edits they requested. I got all the text done during the week. I literally yelled out when I pressed the send button on the email. “WOOOHOOOO!!!DONE!!!’ Sure I scared the dogs a bit, but it was a good moment. I had also finished up the web design freelance project I somehow agreed to do earlier that day. It was actually very easy and you can’t turn that kind of money down for a job that easy.

All I have left is to paint three mini pet portraits and to package them for the mail tomorrow. That’s it! Then it’s done. Only two more days of the cubicle kind of work and I am outta here and off to the gulf coast baby! I can hardly wait to do a whole lotta othing. I’m already planning the movies to go see and the books I want to read. Yummy.

But there is a bonus today. BBE booked us a couples massage today at 11:30am!! I am beside myself at the thought. Cannot wait. So when I get home later I will be all loosey goosey getting to do one of my most favorite things in the world – painting someone’s dog for a gift for them to give to someone they love, watching some tv, Oh! maybe Elf is on! – I LOVE that movie! “I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite!” and enjoying the slowing down of the craziest two months of this past year.

Now, if I can manage to talk to my kids in just a bit I can do all this and breathe at the same time too.

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