Relaxation and Dolls

Sooooo, this vacation has been, what’s the word? Heavenly. Yup. Near perfect. I have done a whole lot of nothing. NO Thing. Relaxing, watching tv (BBE and I got the whole second season to Boston Legal and have had marathon sessions of watching it), I have gone for a few runs, I have seen movies (Marley and Me is JUST like the book and you will cry your eyes out the last 30 minutes and if you are like me, the whole way home, before you go to bed, and still be getting misty when you wake up the next morning) I did just one last quick illustration for work the other day because they are getting the prototypes created for the BIG, HUGE meeting on January 8, I have a book I bought at the book store which I wandered around for hours just looking and wondering and enjoying not having to be anywhere at all, but I have not started reading yet. I basically have had the best, most refreshing vacation one could have. I feel recharged and am so looking forward to 2009, I can’t even tell you!

Yesterday, the creative bug bit after I had seen a magazine full of softies and got an image of dolls in my head I wanted to make. I wanted to make some art that I didn’t care if it turned out perfect. I actually wanted it to look not so perfect, just fun and whimsical, folk arty, and best of all, just for me. I decided I needed to paint the dolls and the only fabric I could think of that would not absorb my paint was canvas. So I ripped some canvas off of some frames I have in the office and began cutting out shapes. (I am NOT a sewer – I was winging the whole mess and didn’t care how badly my mishapen creatures might come out) After realizing that a normal needle and thread will not go through canvas, I got out the sewing machine my mom had given my daughter and actually managed to thread a bobbin correctly and get the thing to actually sew for me! Victory! Things were looking good!!! The dolls were small, I wanted them that way, but let me tell you, I had not anticipated how hard it is to turn canvas inside out – my fingers are still sore.

Once I got the bodies sewn and turned inside out I stuffed them with soft fabric scraps and hot glued the bottoms shut. I did this because the hand sewing would not work and it created a flat surface for them to stand up on their own. Then I got to painting. I just meandered through the day with these little dolls and the freedom of not caring how the turned out was so lovely. I have to admit, I wish I did not have work in just a few more days. I am so in love with rest and relaxation, but alas, car payments, utilities and food need buying, so I can’t be quitting the cubicle… Bah! Perhaps the January 8 meeting is the beginning of my future of staying at home and just creating art days. Yes? I think maybe. Time will tell.

In the meantime, here is what I created. Did you really think they would not be dogs? HA! I have issues! ISSUES people! Of course they were of dogs! My stupid, silly, love em to death dogs! And of course Sydney, the beta fish. Sydney recently went to the big fish bowl in the sky, but we loved her a lot and she was one of the gang – so she had to be created too!

I have to say, for not caring if they were awful, looking silly little dolls, I am in love with them. I love their complete and utter imperfection the very most! They are crooked-y and lean-y and technically about as incorrect as they could be. And that is why I think I love them so much. Plus, I see my dogs in them so much. Silly Rufus Goofus, Sweet Lucy Goosey and Pretty Sklyer Ann. And of course, Sydney, the happy beta fish that would follow you as you moved your face from one side of the bowl to the other.

In one other happy, HAPPY note – my kids come home to me tonite!! They have been in El Paso, Texas since Dec 20 and I get my babies back today!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!

I feel like 2009 is going to be another wonderful year. 2008 wasn’t too shabby for me at all and I am really looking forward to the surprises and challenges in 2009. Here is to all of us having a wonderful new year!

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