Yay for Fridays!

I got to work late today – had an awards ceremony for The Soph. I am so grateful to work for a place that allows flexibility with my schedule. It is nice to not feel torn between attending an event or supporting your child and earning money. So as much as I can’t wait to work from home again one day, i love, love, love my job here at the college.

I have some down time after they craziness before the holidays and am trying to take care of me for a bit. I was so sleep deprived and stiff and sore from so many nights of painting that I decided to train for a half marathon at the end of March. I have always loved to run and it gets me in shape the fastest. I have been training for almost 3 weeks now and in just the little time I am already feeling so much better. I have energy again and while I am still not sleeping great, at least I am feeling so much better during the day. I was such a zombie by the end of December!

I will have a lot of work coming up with my coloring books coming out in a few months plus some other projects in the works that are REALLY exciting. I am changing my name back to my maiden name of Michelle Nelson. I had toyed with the idea of Michelle Lee, but after much more thought Michelle Nelson just feel so, well, ME. So I need to change over my web domain and it is in need of a redesign – been so long since I have done that – cobblers children, no shoes and all that…

This really is a rambling post, but I guess that is what my brain is like right now. I had two months of intense concentration and now I am in this period of letting my brain just wander freely about before I get busy again. I think that is why I love my running so much. I have all this time to just think and ponder. I love it. I am up to 4 miles for my long runs and after this week the distance picks up more and more. The last time I ran a half marathon I was 19 so doing it at 36 is something that will make me really happy with myself. And if my butt gets smaller in the process? Well, happy day!!!

ok, sorry for the not much of anything interesting to say post, but I wish you all a meandering, relaxing Friday and for those of you lucky enough for a three day weekend like me? ENJOY! And wallow around in laziness and doing whatever you feel like. I know I will! Have fun!

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