25 Random Things

Ok, so this is a cop out post. It is going around on Facebook and I am copying the one I did on there for a post. My boss at work is out on emergency medical leave for a month which means I have been SWAMPED at work. Between that and the half marathon training and kids and dogs and boyfriend, well…Presenting 25 Random Things About Me. Warning: you will never get the time back in your life it will take you to read this truly useless information!

1. I was so accident prone as a child my parents almost got investigated for child abuse. I was just a REALLY clutzy kid.

2. I broke my foot by digging a shovel into my own foot when I was in second grade.

3. I broke my finger completely in half three years ago trying to save myself from falling down a flight of stairs. It is still crooked and I would never be able to play the guitar now even if I wanted to.

4. I have not outgrown being a clutz. But now everyone knows it is just me and not abusive parents.

5. When I had my first baby at 23 I had never changed a diaper before.

6. If I had not accidentally gotten pregnant at 23, I would have waited a very long time to have kids or maybe not had any at all.

7. If I had not accidentally gotten pregnant at 23, I may never known that being a mom is something I LOVE the very most in the world and love being a young mother.

8. My children are what drives everything in my life. I love them more than measly words could ever express and I cannot believe I am so lucky to get to be Noah and Sophie’s mom.

9. I work so hard to achieve my dreams because I want my children to see proof that they can do anything in this world they want to.

10. I miss working from home even though I like my day job. I plan on quitting my job one day (sooner than later) when my art begins paying my bills.

11. I still have a small stuffed monkey my parents gave me when I had to have an emergency tonsillectomy when I was 4. I got to eat green ice cream because it was St. Patrick’s Day and my older sister Jen, drew me a picture of a red bird that my parent’s brought me in the hospital. It made me so happy.

12. I have an amazing boyfriend that is so good to me I can’t believe he is actually mine and that he puts up with my crazy.

13. I secretly adore it when I do something silly and he shakes his head and calls me a nut. Then I respond with, “Yeah, but I’m YOUR nut.” And then he gives me that smile that melts me.

14. I will choose cheese any day over chocolate. I will choose wine any day over cheese. I really love wine. (red)

15. My two front teeth are fake. I broke them both off when I was in fourth grade in a very, very stupid way.

16. I LOVE the beach and will live by the ocean one day – not just by it, but where I can see it, hear it and smell it from my window.

17. I am training for a half marathon in March. I love to run even though I don’t run fast. I learned to love running because I started running with my dad in the mornings before school when I was in sixth grade.

18. I have over 5 years of college classes and only have an associate degree.

19. I am a rose-colored glass-wearing, eternal optimist that believes people are good at heart.

20. Once when I was 9, I pretended I was possessed by the devil and scared my younger sister Liz so bad that she broke down a locked door to run away. It was just like a cartoon and I could not stop laughing for like 20 minutes and my kids still love to hear that story about Aunt Liz! “I’m NOT Michelle…”

21. I have had hamsters, fish, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, a cat, dogs, parakeets and a cockatiel as childhood pets. I now have 3 dogs all about 100 lbs each.

22. Once as a kid I came home from school to find one of our “mom” mice dead with all the babies still moving inside her. I called my mom (a nurse) at work and begged her to walk me through a c-section on the mouse to save the babies. She said the babies would never make it without the mom and I cried as I watched until every baby stopped moving. I cried even harder as I buried the mom after. It was awful and still makes me sad to think about it.

23. I will randomly start singing the theme to “Little House on the Prairie.” I LOVED that show and bawled like a baby when Pa Ingalls died in real life. As a kid I wished I had a cool name my dad would call me like “Half Pint.”

24. There is nothing I would rather be doing than painting.

25. I believe my art is meant to help children one day and I can’t wait to see how my life will play out so that I will be able to do that.

Told ya, all those seconds of your life… gone forever! Sorry.