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So, wow. A whole month. Some of you may have caught the two entries that I had up then took down. Well, no bother if you missed it. I took them down because they were depressing or caused someone to feel bad. Not my intention and not what I want. Honestly, while this is my own blog, it is really a happy place for me and I try to just write the good, happy stuff. I mean really, isn’t there plenty of sad and depressing stuff out there? I surely do not want to be adding to it. I did have a rough February and now it is over and I am glad. And things are good. Really, really good. And since sometimes rough patches happen and that is just the way it is, you have to have them. I am not going to dwell any more and now that I am past it I can focus on the happy again.

I just got a nice big 18×24 commission and I am SO HAPPY about that. I have not painted much since late last year. I do not really advertise my pet portraits much any more. I am happy to do them, but with the full time job and the coloring books I just don’t have the time. So this weekend after I get some work done for the job that pays bills, I will start the painting! woohoo!

I have also begun a sketch of a special painting that I am doing just for me. I will show you sketches when I get a chance. Just thinking of that painting makes me smile.

I lost my camera’s battery charger so I have not even been able to take pics and post them. I broke down yesterday and ordered a replacement off Amazon. Then had to order a bunch of used books for my kids because who can turn down books for a penny a piece??? Not me!! We will ignore the shipping charges. It’s still a deal. A penny!!!

In running news, I am up to 10 mile long runs. The race is March 29, and I cannot believe how fast time has flown. I just ran 6, 5 and 4 miles this past week and am debating running today or tomorrow. Last week due to a crazy snowstorm in the south I had to run 10 miles on a treadmill. Yeah, not so fun. I much prefer outdoor running for long distances. And today is warm, but looking rainy. We will see.

On the kids front: Sophie had a strings concert last weekend and she played her viola and she is most awesome. This past Thursday Noah played a band concert and he was most awesome. I cannot tell you how much it please me, the not so talented in the music department mother, that my children can play an instrument. I have no musical talent whatsoever. None. But I can draw! BBE is taking Noah to go buy an electric guitar and amp this weekend and arrange lessons for both of them – BBE play the bass. And I am beside myself that Noah will be able to play not ONE but TWO instruments soon!! I mean, hello?! How cool is that?? I helped make two people that have the genetic capabilities to READ music and PLAY that music!?

Ok, this entry is all over the place and I need to go get some html coding done while The Soph and I watch The Princess Bride. I will start writing regularly again, promise. Now that Black February is over and all.

AND HELLO!?! As if life was being back to normal and happy was not enough??? It is warm enough this weekend for FLIP FLOPS?? And does it get much better than that? No, no it does not. Color me happy, people. It is the small stuff that makes the difference.

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