Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Can you people believe 3 MONTHS have passed?? I KNOW!! Did the earth zoom into warp speed without us all knowing? I feel this must be the only logical explanation after asking everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, “Hey, did you see where I put March? It was right here a second ago, but it appears someone put April here instead.” And everyone’s and I mean EVERYONE’S response was, “Michelle, you are SO weird. Could you please shut up so I can get some work done?”

So anyhoo, clearly, warp speed and aliens have something to do with this conundrum.

Yeah, so I have been running and running and running since December 28, 2008. I have logged in over 135 miles or some such nonsense since mid January. How do I know? Well, I am glad you asked! See, I gots me this coolio chippy (CHIPpy thing, NOT CHIRpy thing – for my sister, don’t ask) that tracks all my mileage from Nike. (HEY NIKE!!! LOVE you!! Wanna send me free stuff?) And Apple (HEY APPLE I LOVE YOU!! Wanna send me free stuff??) that tracks my miles with my Ipod. It is most awesome and it tells you distances, how long you have left on your run, etc. AND THE BEST PART??? When you do something good like run your fastest mile or run your longest distance Jon Bon Jovi gets on and tells you how sexy and cute you are and what an AMAZING athlete you are and if he totally didn’t have 4 kids and a wife he would TOTALLY marry YOU! For real. Not lying. Ok, maybe a little. Maybe it is Lance Armstrong with a pre-recorded massage, but in my head after 11 miles, it sounds JUST like my Jon Jon!! Did I mention after 11 miles you get a touch delirious? Yeah.

So me and BBE are running 13.1 miles this Sunday and I am SO excited! I really can’t wait! Have I ever told you people how much I LOVE setting goals and reaching them? No? Well I DO!!! So this? This is most awesome. And I am sure as I cross the line ALL my dreams will come true! Or at least Jon Jon will tell me I ran my longest distance to date and he it TOTALLY taking me out for margaritas later. Yuh huh.

This is me just happy as a clam last weekend about to go on our last long run of 8.5 miles. It had hills. Lots of hills. It was awesome. Maybe I am a liar. Hills mostly suck.

This is my Nike sensor holder thingy that talks to my Ipod. Both are that awesome kiwi green that matches my car. And maybe my phone. And maybe my purse. And I am totally NOT kidding. Can you people BELIEVE I have a boyfriend?! Yeah, me neither.

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