New digs…

So for the past few years that BBE and I have been dating he has had a house. An awesome house I admit. But we loved where we lived and it was close to the kids’ dad (half a mile actually.). But times? Times they are hard. And paying for TWO houses is um, not the happiest thing. The house has been on the market and no one is biting. I mean, when you can get a brand spanking new house for the same price, who would buy a 20 year old house? And the more we worked on the house, the more it grew on us. The more we went out to the house to weed and make it nice the more we thought, “Ya know, this is a pretty great house.” So then BBE said, “Ya know, if we move into that house, with the money we save we can get a hot tub, new bedroom sets for us and the kids, save even more money for college and their first cars…” I interrupted all this logic with, “Honey, you had me at hot tub.” Check out our new digs. And before anyone worries that we are messing up things for the kids I have promised them that they can attend the same school and will drive them in every day. (This house is 15 miles from where we currently live.) Have I mentioned it is AWESOME? And yeah, you are ALL invited over for the house warming party once we get the hot tub installed.***

love this house…

Where the hot tub will go.

Me taking pictures at the house. This mirror makes you look skinnier than you are. Which is why I have to post this picture. And who should not live in a house with magic mirrors?!?! HA!

***If the house sells in the next few months, we might not move.

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