Hearing the shrimp beginning to boil…

So you see the amazing ocean view I have at my cube???? Well, in 8 short days? I will BE THERE! Yup week long beach vacation with the whole family with a big ol’ house smack dab right in front of the ocean! Shrimp, margaritas, lazy trashy novel reading, nights of board games with the kids, ocean swimming, sunrise runs along the shore…lordee I cannot wait!!!

no computers, no annual reports, no magazines, no posters, no ads, no can you please email this, can you please resize that. NOTHING. HEAVEN.

The only thing I do plan on doing is some much needed sketching and possibly working on a book idea my agent wants me to work on. Because art and the beach is not work, it is again, heaven. I will be posting pics and any fun sketches.

Also, I am much more lively these days on Facebook, so if you want to friend me, just look up Michelle Abeyta or Michelle Nelson and I will totally friend you! Cause I am cool like that. And you are cool like that.

I totally need to redo this website soon too – on a rambling, unrelated note. The coloring books are almost here!!!! I will have them for sale on this here website so check back soon!!!

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