Update, update, who has an update?

Ok, ready for new news? Ready for art news? ready for fun stories? Me too!! And as soon as i get my NEW WEBSITE and NEW BLOG finished up I will have lots of fun eye candy and treats for you!!! And a way for you to buy my books right from me!! Woohoo!!!

In the mean time, summer is AWESOME, I am totally ENGAGED, planning a small, fun BEACH WEDDING, loving that my kids are NOT LEAVING this summer, and hating TEN hour work days but LOVING Fridays off!!!

Exciting new changes across the board in my art, my family, my home, EVERYTHING. Can’t wait to share it all!!!

He asked. I said YES.

The story to come. But it is romantic and amazing and perfect. At the end of a perfect evening I had to finish an illustration because there is an editor in NYC that is very eager to see a book dummy of mine. And tomorrow I need to overnight it. And so Best FIANCE Ever (don’t you just LOVE that??!) went to bed without me and I stayed up to finish painting. And I just finished. And I love it. And life could truly not be more perfect. Because I have found a man that not only lets me be me, but loves me for it. And so he understood I needed to stay up late and work. Because he is amazing like that. And tomorrow? Tomorrow I will make it up to him. 😀

Meanwhile here is me and the ring that has an amazing story behind it. And if I had more than four hours sleep in the past two days, I would TOTALLY tell you right now. But now? The bed is calling my name. And I want to go lay down next to the man I know I will lay down next to each night for the rest of my life.

Life is so good.

Before he took me out to ask me to be his wife. (LOVE that!!!!)

The ring!!!

detail! (the story behind the ring is good! tune in soon for more!!)