My first post on my new blog!

Ok, this is sooo bare bones and I have soooo much to do, but I am anxious to get going.  Soon I will no longer be Michelle Abeyta. Soon I will be Michelle Schmidt. (if you came from my old blog or know me from Facebook, you know all that.) I am getting married in October, and so of course with all that planning, a full time job, two kids, three dogs and a hermit crab (they are actually more work than you think) I decided that “Hey, I know!! Let me redo my whole website and blog AT THE SAME TIME!! How fun would THAT be?!” I do love to be bsuy and apparently insane too, so here we go. I decided that I am going to just do it all as I can and not wait to go live until it is perfect, cause um, that always works like a charm, right? yeah…

So this blog is about about me following my dreams for the most part, sprinkled with things that make me happy, and peppered with anticdotes about my family. I have had my old blog for 5 years and I am ready for change. In a few months I will take it down completely. I am still not sure if I will even save the archives. Not sure. But what I do know is the abeytacreative is no more and will soon be gone forever. I embrace change, love living in the moment and there is nothing that makes me happier than the possibility of what wonderous thing might happen each day.

So, with all that said, “Here’s to new starts, new possibilities and big adventures! Here we go, people!”

4 thoughts on “My first post on my new blog!

  1. that is what i get for reading the old blog post linking to the new blog post and commenting before reading the new blog post re: saving archives. i vote for doing it. if u don’t, you may one day regret it, where as if you save them now, you can always delete them later..also, there are probably posts in there that you don’t remember making that you would like to save for posterity. posterity sounds like it should mean “my butt’s sake”

    love you

  2. Congratulations, you amazing mama you!

    Ditto on saving the past posts. Even if you save them only for yourself. Make sure you can look back and see the steps you’ve taken to get here.


  3. I promise to save them! Too much good stuff and even I like to take a trip down memory lane every now and again! Thank you guys for letting me know your thoughts! love you all!

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