Happy Monday!

Hello there! I worked fast and furiously all weekend and am getting some minor tweaks done, but I did it! Woohoo! New website – check! I can now sell my coloring books online and have my new blog set up! I have more to add and am going to be sending out an html email this week, so if you want to be on it (and why would you NOT want to, I ask myself? How silly, of COURSE you do!!) please go to my new homepage and add your lil’ ol’ self to my mailing list. I am trying to figure out the cose to add that to my sidebar, but I am currently stumped by the rules and regulation of html, but no fear, i will find a work-around! I know it will bother you all DAY wondering if I will work it out, so don’t worry your pretty little head about my html problems. It will be ok. Promise.

I plan on adding some free coloring book pages to download for the kiddies and also maybe some desktop patterns. (a really awesome friend of mine seggested that. Hi awesome friend!)

Ok, I am at work and I has me a post card to design, so I better git back to it, but I will write again soon. AND as if all THIS excitement isn’t enough, I gave the big ol’ puppy dog eyes to BBE* and he let me buy a new digital camera last night! woohoo! pics again!! Plus I am going to Chicago for 4 days and I NEED to document the trip, right? Of course I do! I knew you would agree with me! You are all so smart and such.

Ok, carry on.
* BBE – for those of you that don’t know, that is Best Boyfriend Ever. But we got engaged. And BFE just ain’t right, if ya know what the slang is for. So I am just so USED to BBE and fiancé sounds so dang formal, so lemme know if you all can come up with something good.

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