I think I should be more nervous

So I am getting married. Soon. October 10. And I wonder why it is that when I say that, every says, “That’s great, you have SO MUCH time.” And I am all, “Um, no I don’t, but enough time.” That is when the color drains from their face and they say, “Wait. You mean THIS October?!?” And I am all, “Um…yeah?” And then they say, “But you have so much to doooo!!!”

See originally, we were just gonna grab the kids, go to Tybee Island and get hitched on the beach. Easy Peasy! But then we decided that we should include family. No problem. We can still do the whole beach thing down in Pensacola where The Man’s family all is. My family was all willing to drive, so it was a done deal. Then all my friends were all, “Um, what about US???” And I was all, “You don’t want to drive SIX hours down there, do you?” Well, apparently I have some awesome friends cause they were ALL, “YES WE DO!!!” So the wedding got a lil’ bit bigger. And that was fine.

But then someone asked, where are we having it.Right. A place. To get married at. That is probably important.  So we decided we will rent a beach house and have the ceremony in the front and the reception at the house. there. Done deal. Easy peasy! I said that a few weeks ago. Last weekend we even went down and looked at houses! Howz them apples for being on top of things! I was quite proud! And today I called and put it on hold and we are paying the deposit this week. So I guess now I actually have to plan this thing.

See, I am not a planner. At. All. I like to go with the flow, I like to figure it out as I go along. Planning-shmannning says I! The Man says that I am like a butterfly just flitting about as if there are no worries in the world. (At the time it was not said exactly as a compliment, I think I had told him I had forgotten to do some thing or other, um again. have I mentioned how awesome and amazing he is to put up with someone as disorganized, dishelveled and in general a “not-remember girl” like my niece says?)And what is wrong with being a flitting, forgetful butterfly I ask? Nothing. Unless you have a wedding to plan. Then those are very bad qualities indeed. Dang there is a lot of stuff to think about even if you are having a smallish wedding!

Want to hear something funny? My ex is getting re-married too. But they are getting married next April. And I am all, “Wow so far away, they have plenty of time! Lucky!” But then my daughter comes home from dad’s house with these tales: “Mama, we tested food this weekend!!” and I am all, “That’s great! For what?”  She replies, “For the wedding, mom! Geez, get with it!” And I am all, “But that is like a year away! It is so early!” Then she hits me with this, “Last weekend she got her dress! That was fuuun!” And I was all, “What?!? She got her dress already??” Then she  hits me with “They are already looking for dj’s!” So then I panicked a bit.

Do you do that?? Do you get dresses and test food and get a dj a year in advance?!? OMG, I am waaaaay behind! But then their wedding is gonna be huge from what I gather, while ours is more a lil’ beach party if you will. But I decided to get my act together and start to plan this shindig. So we found the house we wanted, made a list of people we want to invite, called the caterer we wanted, decided that margaritas are mandatory, shoes are optional, and I am calling the wedding license people and officient this week to do all that. There! Done! Hazzah! Take that all you planners!! I proudly emailed all this to my mom and she was all “Great! What about the cake? What kind of dress? What about a photographer? What kind of flowers are you gonna have? Will there be bridesmaids? What will the kids wear?” And I was all, “Oh, yeah, cake. And a dress. And a photographer. Bouquet? Er, um…did I mention the margaritas, mom?”

So I have a lot more to do it seems. And I guess I better get on it. But after a LOT of searching, I do think I have found the dress:


Awesome, right?

5 thoughts on “I think I should be more nervous

  1. publix makes great wedding cakes.

    people always bring cameras to weddings, i think a ton of candids will probably produce more lovely pictures than you could pose for…..maybe set up a part of your site for ppl to submit their pictures from the wedding that you can sort thru and post your favorites. and for formal pictures, if you want, i am sure u know a pro btwn u.

    i see a classy lite grilled citrus themed menu…

  2. a belated congrats on the engagement (actually based on your blog entries surprised it didnt happen sooner 😉 )

    i planned my wedding in 88 days so you have plenty of time.

    flowers i planned a month in advance and was told that it actually was preferred because then you could actually SEE the flowers in season to choose from and there would be less arguing (you know the whole “that’s not what i ordered 10 months ago even though that’s what i signed my name to” type of thing)

    had a krispy kreme “cake” ( let me know if you want a photo) and a bad dj… that was the one thing that stunk. Should have known when he only nodded at some of the artists we wanted played instead of saying those were great choices (had he PLAYED THEM) but at least he didn’t play most of the ones we DIDN’T want played.

    I heard something years ago which I’d like to pass on to you: Weddings and funerals are basically the same thing. You are celebrating people you know, there’s an officiant, flowers, guests, reception; the only differences are that a funeral takes one week to plan and $5000 and a wedding takes one year and $30000!

    PS: You don’t really seem like the Tinker-wedding type …

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