Catching my breath

Ok, so last week I had a whirlwind visit to Chicago to visit my bestest friend and before you knew it four fantabulous days had whizzed by! I LOVE Chicago!! Totally would NEVER live there because of the winters (beach girls don’t do 13 inches of snow thankyouverymuch) but I certainly see the appeal of that amazing city. Something that happened there will forever gice CHicago a place in my heart is that I saw one of my books for the first time ever in a a store!!! It was Hobby Lobby and we walked in just to see, not expecting it and BAM! there it was. Right next to Spiderman, the Increadible Hulk and the Berenstein Bears. For real?? Wowzers. I was smiling from ear to ear and my best friend teared up. We had met at art school and so she has been a part of my art career from the very beginnings. We were snapping pictures and giggling over it and a woman looked over at us. “My best friend made this!!!” my friend exclaimed. So the lady went over picked one up and said, “My goodness! I will have to get one!!!”

And just like that I saw my first customer too! It was a very good day.

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  1. I think i am going to cry too! I am so proud of you. i am not kidding when i tell you that you are my hero. *hugs*

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