Hanging with The Soph

The Soph and I are having a girl’s night after she just got back from a whirlwind family reunion with her dad’s side of the family in Woodstock, Georgia. Noah went back to his dad’s house tonite and Sophie wanted one last night with mama. (How much does that melt my heart? um, yeah…LOTS) We rented Bride Wars. Heh. It was a fun movie and really touching in the end. Can I tell you how AWESOME having an 11 year old is? Ya know why? Cause I get to watch movies like BRIDE WARS and it is NOT my idea but I get to watch girly movies that boyfriends would NEVER let me rent! How awesome is that?? So awesome!! Ha! It was really cute. And totally confirmed that I am totally NOT the big wedding kinda gal. The whole planning of this big party is not my thing. Actually rethinking some of it. But that is another post all together. No one will hate me if I just elope, right? Good.

In other news, I am waiting for my agent to get back from her vacation. Before that we were waiting for the NY Book publisher to get back from HER vacation. But that is ok. I love to wait. Love it. Waiting about what, you ask? My book. My children’s book. But I am not anxious. Nope. Not me. Not. At. All. Or maybe a whole LOT. But I can wait. Not painful at all. Nope. Not ONE BIT. Ahem.

And in other excting news – my friend Andrew saw my book in Colorado!!! woohoo! My coloring books are showing up all over! So any of you reading this that see my book in a Hobby Lobby send it to me!! And if you do, I am totally posting it here. Just so you know. Just like this:

drew_coloradoThanks Drew! I assume I have your permission to repost, right?! hee! love you! (send me yours and I will love you too! Oh! and buy it too! I will love you even MORE!)

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