Ramblings and a declaration

Oh my goodness. So much has happened. Just life stuff, but SO MUCH. I am right now sitting in a brand new living room typing this. We moved. Into a very pretty house. That does not feel at all like mine. It is 13 miles away from where I have lived for 9 years. And I loved, LOVED where I lived for those 9 years. But I am here now. And change is good. Right? Right! (I am trying, I SWEAR!) Ok, so I pouted a bit last week. Ok, I was MOST DREADFUL last week to poor fiancé (still like BBE better, still working on acronym) all week. I am , of course, a most horrible person. I mean, really. Who COMPLAINS when they are given a beautiful new house to live in, in a beautiful neighborhood? Who DOES that? Bratty ME, that’s who. But I am working through it. I am.

And on Friday I came up with the BRILLIANT idea to use the formal living room as a new studio for me!! IS that not a WONDERFUL idea!? Thank you, I thought so too. It is light and bright and by golly, my paintings are already all in there, so why not, says I? We have no formal living room furniture and except for holidays and parties who ever actually goes in those things? And The Man totally agrees! (In all fairness I think he just agreed to get me to stop being mean and complain-y but still, he agreed and NO BACKSIES Mr. Man!) Yes, it will be a studio. And I will paint it pink and put french doors on it and I will LOVE it. And I will work in there. And in August next year I will quit my full time job to work from my pretty pink office (that will feel just like my lovely other one that I miss so much). So there you go. Did you miss that declaration in the ponderings of my pink office? I just said I AM QUITTING MY FULL TIME DESIGN JOB IN ONE YEAR. That is me yelling to the universe that I will be making at least my income (shooting for MORE) by this month next year. So there. I said it. And it WILL happen! And I dare to think that will mean much less facebooking (oh, Facebook, I adore you so, I love the voyeuristic nature that you provide, but dear one, you are a TIME SUCK) and however am I to quit my job if I keep looking with baited breath to see what each and every one of my friends is doing to see if it is more interesting that what I am doing? So I am cutting back on you and probably tv unless I am working in front of it, but if I am just watching and not DOING it MUST GO too. Must. Because I have one year.

And while I love my design job and the people there it is NOT my future. It is NOT what I am supposed to be doing. And it is time to make my life what I want it to be again. How easy it is to just go to work 8 hours a day, do what they say and get that lovely paycheck every month? It is SO easy. And it is SO lovely. And it is SO fun wih my coworkers. But it is SO NOT what I should be doing anymore. Well, it is for the next year while I jump off and into the water once again. I have had my rest on the lovely big boat called stability for over 2 years now. And I have lounged and hung out and enjoyed you, wonderful and awesome security, I have, but it is time to leave soon. So today I jump in and will begin swimming and treading and getting my sketchbooks back out to have with me at all time. (A tell-tale sign that this is needed is that I have had the most glorious sketchbook in my purse that I had not even taken out of the wrapper yet!! I know, you may insert a gasp here!! Last night I put all my sketch books up on a shelf and thought how sad that I have not added anymore in the last year of my life. I mean, I ALWAYS have a sketchbook with me. I am constantly buying them and doodling and having ideas and writing intentions and notes and ideas. Well, with no sketchbook it is no wonder I am not any closer to my goals in this last year is it? Yes, I know what I need to do. I may be Facebooking much less, but I will be blogging much more. Because this is where I will tell myself what i will be doing. And sharing it. And showing myself that a year of solid intention will make why dreams and goals happen!

And you know what a pouty, complaining bratty girl does on her way home from her brand new commute that she never used to have, does? She passes the Hobby Lobby and pulls over and goes in and buys her book and buys a magazine all about inspiring artists and their workspaces  called Where Woman Create because the women who inspired her to begin this craziness in the first place is on the cover and she knows that her next year of intention will work. (and she will be IN that magazine one day she decides – geez, could I be more HUMBLE?? heh.) It is a sign. And as she is checking out and buying her book, said brattty girl realizes that ok, maybe she has done SOME work in the last two years cause as she recalls those coloring books took a whole HECK of a lot of work!! And she feels a little bit better and maybe she is not the GIGANTIC loser she feels like she is.

So there you have it. To recap:
1. Bratty Girl
2. Inspiring people
3. Cutting down on FACEbook
4. More SKETCHbook
5. Quitting job in ONE YEAR
6. Losing 15 lbs (What, did I not mention that part? Well, let’s just say that until I finally lost this pesky last 15 lbs from my last pregnancy ELEVEN years ago, it is always to be included in the recap.)

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  1. i love you and you are not a loser, ever ever ever!

    it took me a moment to figure out the bowl of veggies but then i realized the colors and the light are ABSOLUTELY beautiful. thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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