What have i done today towards my goals?

So last night i woke up with excruciating pain. That i am currently in and waiting in the doctor’s office to be seen. My best guess is ghat i got shot in the face, punched in the face, stabbed in the face or perhaps i have a nasty sinus infection. I can go 4 hours without pain if i take advil. Been this way for 2 days now and i figure i should figure it out before i blow out my liver w advil. (excusemy typjng-on my iphone) So, it is 3:30am and i think what have i done today towards my goals?

Well i went running. That helps with the lose 15 lbs goal. Nothing towards quitting my job goal tho. Bad Michelle!! So i think… I wonder if the Decatur Book Festival has any openings? This is of course preposterous as it is 2 weeks away. But i pull the covers over my head so as not to wake The Man and begin looking on my iphone. It was all very fifth grade secretly reading Judy Blume at night of me! I emailed a contact and casually asked if they had any spots at this late hour.

I went to bed after that, the advil finally kicking in and easing the pain inmy mouth/nose/head.

Well color me surprised if they didnt write me back this morning saying they just had a cancellation in the childrens section and they knew of my art and would LOVE to offer the spot to me!!!

How awesome is that?!? Very!! Ok the pain is worse and the typing is hard on my little phone. Will update u on details later!

One thought on “What have i done today towards my goals?

  1. that is awesome! and it was very secretly reading judy blume when you are supposed to be sleeping of you.

    when working towards a goal of any kind we have to remember that some days are about resting/healing so that in the long run you can continue your work….so taking care of yourself does count was working on your goal.

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