After the most painful week of my life due to an abscessed tooth, I am feeling all back to normal and ready to get to work on my studio! The Future Hubbie (TFH) and I decided that we would put off the new bedroom sets so that I could get the studio set up. I need to paint, put in a new wood floor, and hang french doors on two doorways. After some compromise, TFH has agreed to let me put in the floors myself! I am very excited about this as I LOVE learing new things and doing hard work. Plus, how much will I LOVE it when it is all done and I know I did it myself?! I want to also do it all on a tight budget, so hence the doing it all myself. I have found a great deal on flooring at a liquidators place and are buying the flooring this week. Today I am testing paint colors and ripping up the carpet and most likely pulling nails out of the floor for the rest of the day. I will be taking pics of my progress as I go. If I am quitting my job in a year, I need to have an awesome place to work, right? RIGHT.

Meanwhile, I am also working on getting some signage done for The Decatur Book Festival! So excited about that too! I will be picking up a shipment of my coloring books from my publishers, Idea Builders, this week to sell there. I am thinking I will have a contest during the weekend to give away two paintings too. Have to figure that out. But I am thinking of having something cute for the kids to do and put in a fishbowl for a drawing.

Finally, will be going for a 4 mile run later with TFH to work on the 15 lbs to lose. Thanks to all the antibiotics and advil I have for some reason GAINED 3 lbs during a week of barely eating and excrutiating pain. How fair is THAT?!?! Not at all. Bah.

Ok, time to get off and go get some work done! Have a wonderous Sunday everyone! 🙂

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