I would love to tell you the story of how I almost died from an abscessed tooth last week. But I have told the story so much, I am tired of it. And  think I am not quite recovered from it and the three days of pain so horrendous that I could not even sleep. And I almost died. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little. JUST A BIT. Not much, because I really think my body was as close to giving in from pain as it ever has been. But maybe the morphine, 2 hydrocodone, 6 advil and two shots of vodka may have almost killed me too. But when all those things combined STILL didn’t stop the pain? Well, you can imagine that I wanted to die. Just to stop the crazy pain. But anyway, to sum up. Had an emergency root canal where they had to drill into my $1000 tooth that is STILL not paid for and I didn’t care. At all. Cause I almost took pliers and ripped it out myself to stop the pain. But thankfully my dentist stopped that from happening. And I sent him flowers. For real. I heart him. A lot.

So moving on to today. I went running. But my final root canal does not happen for 2 more weeks. And when I run it hurts. HURTS. Pain throbs in my tooth still. So I did not run much. Only about 5 minutes. Shhhh. Don’t tell. It still counts. Sort of.

So today I sent two oversized posters of two of my book covers and a banner to print for the book festival. And I need to do an entry on the Decatur Book Festival so y’all can come see me and by my coloring books. But my tooth hurts so I am gonna do that tomorrow.

In studio news, we are buying the flooring for my new studio soon. And I CANNOT wait. And when I quit and am working fulltime in my studio? I am buying  a blue lovebird to be my office mate. And the other night when I was up late and when TFH asked me what I was working so hard on and looked over my shoulder he sighed. Cause the answer was “Researching if lovebirds come in blue. And they totally do. And I will get one and I will love it. And did you know it is a common misconception that you have to buy lovebirds in pairs? It totally is. You don’t have to. You just have to spend lots of time with them cause they will bond with you and need you. And I can’t wait to get my blue lovebird. Cause it will be my bluebird of happiness and will mean that I am happy and working in my studio on my art and I have achieved one more goal I set for myself.” Then he sighed. But he smiled too. And maybe shook his head in that ‘how did I find such a crazy girl’ way. I love when he smiles like that I and I know that he loves me and all my crazy exactly like I am. Me and my bluebird of happiness. 🙂

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  1. ow! sorry to hear about the awful tooth & glad it’s on the mend.

    Congrats on the studio! I peek and read your blog here and there-I’m sure it’s a dream come true to have your own studio. very cool!

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