4am. I can’t sleep.

Not sure if it is all I have to do today floating in my head. Or maybe the tiny beginning of a sore throat I am trying to ignore. Or the excitement of putting in the flooring in my studio today. I think that last one is it the most. Last night about 8:30pm The Future Hubbie asked if he wanted me to set up the saw we had bought earlier at Home Depot as I was close to finally needing to cut my first plank of flooring I am installing in my new studio. (Formally known as the Formal Living Room.)  As soon as he set it up we realized the error of our ways in wanting to save a few bucks. We bought the saw horses, a good scrap of wood for a surface, and an electric hand saw. Dude. Those suckers are HEAVY. And you have like NO control with a straight line. So back we went at 9pm to return it and get the chop saw with the laser to guide a straight line. Then of course we realized we were hungry. Then we realized it was 10pm and we were down to fast food as our only options. So a few burritos later we were back home at 10:30pm with the saw the new saw and a yummy if not so healthy dinner. I decided to take pity on TFH and the dogs (not to mention the new neighbors I have not met yet) and not saw deep into the night. So I relaxed, watched a bit of tv while we munched on Taco Bell and then we hit the hay at midnight. Except I woke up about 3:30am. And finally at 4am I decided to just go ahead and begin my day. The last time this happened I lay in bed, had a GREAT idea for a childrens book, forced myself back to bed and promptly forgot it in the morning. Until I was at a work meeting later that day and someone metioned the name RALPH and I said OUT LOUD, “Oh my GOSH! I totally had THE BEST idea for a childrens book about a dog named Ralph last night! But hmmm, now I can’t think of the details. But there was a mouse in it and DUDE! is Ralph the cutest dog EVER!” And ummm, yeah, my coworkers kind of just stared at me. And so I continued with, “Right, ok, um, about the new magazine layout…You were saying?” Seriously, I should be working at home, right? (For the record I LOVE my job, I LOVE my coworkers and I would totally never, ever want to quit if it wasn’t for the absolute calling I have to work on my art full time. There is no way to fight it, so I will work with it. Remember? One year. That’s right.

Ok, where was I? Coffee. Right. It just finished brewing. Since you are all most likely sleeping right now like normal people, you will not mind if I pause for some java, right? I knew you people were so coolio like that. Be back in a jiff. Gif? Jif? Something you never write, just say and then you don’t know how to spell, ya know? Yeah, um, coffee. Be right back.

Ok, back. And I just realized we did not replace the gallon of milk we found yesterday morning on the counter when we woke up. The NEW gallon I had just bought. And TFH declared loudly “WHO LEFT OUT THE MILK!?” Now, ordinarily, this FOR SURE has absent-minded artist written ALL OVER it. And if not me, it for SURE has absent-minded teenage boy all over it. But the kids were at their dad’s house and I had the ice cream right out of the box standing in the kitchen while TFH had milk and cookies at midnight the night before. (How’s that diet going, Michelle? Oh it’s GREAT! I find that Taco Bell at 10pm and ice cream at midnight are REALLY the way to go! ….Ahem….) So anyhoo. The Future Hubbie decided it was fine and put it back in the fridge. I of course said, “EWWWW! We need to remember to buy more milk today so I can have it for my coffee tomorrow.” So of course with buying all the flooring and saws and whatnot we forgot the milk. Until right now at 4:20am when I NEED coffee. So suddenly left out milk is not so “EWW” as much as it is “will it kill me?” If I die later, it is totally NOT acute propofol intoxication, k? Check the milk. Just sayin’.

So, I can’t cut flooring at 4:30am, but I can update my blog and write and html email that I am sending out to my mailing list sometime today. So if you are reading this and I don’t have your email, get to it! You can sign up on the home page of my site. Ok, I have some progress pics for you of the studio.And by exciting I mean, PICTURES of FLOORS. Are you trembling in anticipation? Of course you are! But dude, you just WAIT until tonite!!! Make sure you check back. Cause it will be most AWESOME. Or I will be dead from drinking left out milk in my coffee. Either way? EXCITING.

Here is me after ripping up all the foam and about to get every teeny tiny staple out of the wood subfloor. And dude, could I look like I have BIGGER circles under my eyes? Imagine how I am gonna look tonite after waking up at 3:30am. PRETTY. The Future Hubbie is so VERY lucky to have snagged such a looker.


And here you have the NEW foam flooring that goes under the wood planks. We went with the cheaper stuff because the only thing under the floor is the basement and this will not be a room the dogs wil be click-clacking their giant dog paws on. Do you hear me ginormous monster dogs!!!??? You and your drooly, hairy selves who get all your drooly drool and hairy hair everywhere else and we still love you anyways and don’t send you to the ‘farm’ are NOT allowed in mom’s studio!!! (let’s all remember I said that when Lucy looks so cute on a rug at my feet and I let said drooly, hairy beasties in my cute hairless, drooless studio, ok? Sucker? Thy name is Michelle.

5212_124115921241_570076241_2535972_5954166_nSo yeah, later today I should have pics of my beautimous floor. For reals. As long as I don’t cut a finger off or anything. And there are family members that are gonna be so MAD I even just wrote that. Cause not ONE person would be surprised if I call later from the hospital saying, “No, it’s ok. TFH got it on ice fast. They say they can totally reattach it. No, not too much blood lost and NONE of it got on the new wood, so score! But wow, yeah, you look away for ONE second with those chop saws…” Nope, not one person in my family would be surprised. Ok, anyone who KNOWS me would not be surprised. Maybe because of this story or maybe this one. But, hey, I have an idea! How ’bout no severed fingers on this project!? Yeah, sounds good to me too.

Next up to tell you about happened last week was that we went out for TFH’s birthday. He is finally as old as me and while he will NEVER let me forget for one second that I am 8 months older, for now? We are EVEN. So anyway, on the way home we saw a Hobby Lobby. And hey, did you all know I am an egomaniac? Yeah, this blog might clue you in. Or perhaps my Facebook that I update ALL the time because who would NOT want to know what I am up to every second of the day? No one! That’s who! And hello, have we met? You read my blog? Has anyone told you what fine taste you have? And lookit you! You, my dear, are GORGEOUS! So yeah, if you read me you are obviously smart and beautiful.

So there we are in Hobby Lobby so that I can see my coloring books on the shelf and maybe see if my painting book from two years ago is there too because I am totally an egomaniac. And low and behold! Happy day! I saw my first book – which is just now getting on shelves after 2 years AND are you ready for this? Hold onto your hats people cause color-me-surprised if my coloring books were not SOLD OUT! Yep, right next to Spider-Man and Dinosaurs, little ol’ me was sold out!! And see? Proof:

5772_120030611241_570076241_2481127_3825690_nAnd here is me with my first book:

Ok, so now I will go work on the html email to mail you all that is all about me and the Decatur Book Festival. I will post my next entry about that and where you can find me. Cause hello? Who would not want to meet me?! No one! That’s who! At least not the intelligent, gorgeous people that have wonderful taste, right? Right.

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  1. Just do you know. The first thing I thought when I heard there were hand saws involved was, “At least there is also health insurance involved now!”


    Can’t wait to see the flooring!

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