All finished and waiting….

So The Future Hubbie came home from work and helped me pack up my car and drive to unlaod all my stuff for the festival tomorrow. He was tired, I was tired but we did it all anyway. And we unloaded EVERYTHING and he went and parked the car while I arranged. But then I saw the booth was mislabled. So I moved all the stuff AGAIN to a booth 5 booths down. And um, Hi Atlanta! My you’re hot today! So then we got everything situatuated and closed the tent up and I wanted to go ask a question at the check-in. And I told them how the booths were mislabeled. And they wanted us to move back to how the booths were SUPPOSED to be. So we moved everything BACK to the FIRST booth AGAIN. Did I mention it is hot here in the south? Cause yeah, totally is. So once we got all that done we had to go by Home Depot to get a few last things I needed, then go get some crayons because I decided I wanted to have free coloring book pages for kids to color and set up a little kid table for kids to do that. And so I needed crayons. And then we stopped and got some food for the kids that stayed home through all of this. (lucky ducks) Then I cut out all the signage, The Soph hemmed the super cute red polka dot fabric I got for a table cloth and cut down all the entries for the painting and pet portrait give-away contest I am having. And now? Now I am sitting and having a glass of wine then going to bed. And trying to NOT imagine sitting in my booth and NO one buying one, single, solitary coloring book. But really? Until someone buys one? That is all I will be thinking about.

Tums anyone?

Come see me at the Decatur Book Festival!


This Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 4 and 6, I will be at the Decatur Book Festival! Come by my tent and say hey and maybe buy a coloring book or four! I would love to see you and hang out! I will be right next to the Target Children’s Stage. There are lots and LOTS of fun things to do and see! And I mean, hello! You can totally come hang out see me! Find out if I am as obnoxious in person as on my blog! (I totally am!)

Ok, I hope to see you there!!

Also, finished the floor Sunday night! Just look at my new studio floor! Up next? Painting and french doors. (and don’t worry, I will be replacing Great Aunt Edith’s curtains from 1986)