Itty Bitty Blurry Pictures

Ok, so y’all remmeber that I got married a few months ago, right? Of course y ou do cause I left up the entry for like a million years. Or well, two months or so I guess. Anyhoo, during that weekend we were on this awesome ghost tour. An extra cool kind where we had our own EMF dectectors and EVERYTHING and of course I needed to take pictures and everything and so I was holding the emf detector and my camera and my iphone and well…I dropped my camera. And dude, that is the SECOND camera I have messed up. The first one was when I just HAD to take my camera on the parasailing trip and it well, took a swim in the ocean. So yeah, right now my iphone is the onlly camera I have. And it is great for big general picutres, but notsomuch for detail shots. So um, yeah. I will get another camera eventually, but for now, I have kind blurry picutres. Of itty bitty things. Like and itty bitty hippo and tortoise. Just a lil bit blurry too. 🙂


Progress pics

Lil’ Hippo and Tortoise coming along…As you can see, these lil’ dudes are in my cube at work. I took them to work with EVERY intention of sneaking in some time to paint them at lunch. But alas, never got to it. Or more accurately, my boss was in the office all day today. Ahem. Oh, I am just kidding! For the record. Really.

And Maggie, I DO know about the Elephant and Dog! I have them sketched out for a painting actually. I have had the sketch done ever since I saw the story run on Sunday Morning forever ago! Maybe they are next in the itty bitties!

new thing! FINALLY

I know, right? Does anyone come here anymore? No? Probably not. Which is good, right? No pressure. So this new thing I am doing that I don’t have to worry about impressing the no one who is reading this is a new idea a good friend and I have come up with. It is to get us drawing and creating for the sake of drawing and creating. We may or may not put what we create up for sale on etsy once we are done. We have no idea how this will turn out and we certainly have no idea if anything we actually create will be good. There are not many rules. At all. cause artists and rules don’t work so well together. So here is the idea:

1. We create a topic for the month – very broad and very general.

2. We create things that wfall within that category and post the results.

3. We can do as much as we can in that month. There is no minimum, but um, if we only do one thing I am pretty sure that totally defeats the purpose of this project.

4. We may or may not put our creations up for sale.

5. This has to be fun.

6. We have to post everything we do, even if it sucks. (Or we think it sucks, cause I am pretty sure Tammy doesn’t create ANYTHING sucky. The chick is a clever, creative GENIUS.

7. Um, I don’t have a number 7 and besides didn’t I say there are not many rules?

8. The name of the project is 30 Days Later (get it? we see what we did 30 days later after the topic? Tammy’s very clever husband came up with that!

November’s Topic is ITTY BITTY – we can create art of ANY kind, ANY medium, ANY subject, but it HAS to be SMALL.

I will post what I created tonite in just a few.

(stay tuned all you people who no longer read my blog cause I haven’t written in like, forever.) And I will add the link to my friend over there in the side bar, but go ahead and bookmark her page right now so you can see her creations as she posts them. Um, all you invisible people I am pretending that read this.