Progress pics

Lil’ Hippo and Tortoise coming along…As you can see, these lil’ dudes are in my cube at work. I took them to work with EVERY intention of sneaking in some time to paint them at lunch. But alas, never got to it. Or more accurately, my boss was in the office all day today. Ahem. Oh, I am just kidding! For the record. Really.

And Maggie, I DO know about the Elephant and Dog! I have them sketched out for a painting actually. I have had the sketch done ever since I saw the story run on Sunday Morning forever ago! Maybe they are next in the itty bitties!

One thought on “Progress pics

  1. dood, i am telling you, the next book should be true stories of animal best friends. totally.

    and these itty bittys look great so far. they would probably make excellent gifts *ahem* 🙂

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