Itty Bitty Blurry Pictures

Ok, so y’all remmeber that I got married a few months ago, right? Of course y ou do cause I left up the entry for like a million years. Or well, two months or so I guess. Anyhoo, during that weekend we were on this awesome ghost tour. An extra cool kind where we had our own EMF dectectors and EVERYTHING and of course I needed to take pictures and everything and so I was holding the emf detector and my camera and my iphone and well…I dropped my camera. And dude, that is the SECOND camera I have messed up. The first one was when I just HAD to take my camera on the parasailing trip and it well, took a swim in the ocean. So yeah, right now my iphone is the onlly camera I have. And it is great for big general picutres, but notsomuch for detail shots. So um, yeah. I will get another camera eventually, but for now, I have kind blurry picutres. Of itty bitty things. Like and itty bitty hippo and tortoise. Just a lil bit blurry too. 🙂


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