I declare 2010 the year of MAGIC!

So all the sketches are done and approved. It is New Year’s Eve and I want nothing more than to spend it painting and drawing my coloring book. (And for my hunny bunny to steam those awesome crab legs we got and put out the cheese tray and make that blackened salmon later, oh and how about pouring me some of that awesome wine we got and serving me. Howz about it? Yes? Too much? You LOVE me, you know you do!)

I have so many things that I want to work on, so much to do. I am so excited for 2010!! This is the year that I will be able to quit my job and my art will make enough money so that I can do that! Hey, you have to put it out there, no matter how crazy it may sound, right? I am declaring 2010 the year of MAGIC! Because so much awesomeness is going to happen that it will seem like magic! You should totally declare 2010 YOUR year of magic too! It is better the more of us that do it! But behind all that magic will be me working my butt off. Lots of late hours painting drawing, putting my work up for sale, working on my coloring books and prototypes for new products with Idea Builders and hopefully, cross my fingers, pretty please with sugar on a top a BOOK DEAL! Are you listening God? This year is MAGIC! And I am willing to do whatever it takes, put in whatever work is needed at my full time job AND at night and weekends to make my art into my full time job. I am READY! 🙂

Here are all the approved sketches for my zoo buddies coloring book. The publishers want to add in other animals besides dogs- how crazy, right? I KNOW. But, I thought, “Self, your publishers want you to draw other animals. And they make your art into coloring books. And also, they PAY you. Self? DO IT!” And so here they are. And I had quite a lot of fun! The concept is what do zoo animals do before they go to bed, what helps a giraffe unwind, or a hippo get ready to sleep? A bath? Shower? Maybe some nightly news? I cracked myself making the hippo watch news from a fox. Get it? FOX news?? HAHAHA!! Then there are the Naked Mole Rats having tea. Sophie saw Naked Mole Rats this summer at zoo camp and INSISTED they be included. And then, when I saw Mo Willems Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, well DUH! I HAD to include them!! (Hi Mr. Mo Willems!! I HEART YOU!!! I want to meet you and be friends with you! Not in that crazy stalker way, but in that, “Hey, yeah, I know Mo. He is TOTALLY cool. I totally know how he takes his coffee cause we go get coffee from time to time and chat about illustrating and writing kids books.” kind of way. Too much? Neh… Gotta dream big I say!

So here are the sketches.

And I know this post is WAY too long but in a NOT VERY MAGICAL turn of events, I came home the other day to find out one of my dogs had EATEN MY RHINO IN A BUBBLE BATH drawing- the FINISHED READY FOR PAINTING one. Grrrrr. Serves me right for leaving it at snout level and all, but still. RUDE DOG. So I am pretty sure this was the dogs’ way of saying that me drawing other animals is not cool, but dude, until those three mongrels PAY me to draw, I will be drawing naked mole rats, and polar bears and hippos watching the news. (FOX newscaster…snicker, snicker…)

Here is my interrogation of the suspects. I am leaning toward one, but they all seem pretty guilty if you ask me.

Starting a new coloring book!

Ya know, I facebook way too much and don’t blog enough. Trying to remedy that tho as I document the beginning to end of creating a coloring book. My publishers need me to get one done in oh, um, the next week so that they can have a prototype made up for a toy show in February in NYC. So true to my procrastinating nature I left it until the last minute. Well, I didn’t REALLY, I mean, I have a full time job, I have kids, I have a husband, three ridiculously over-sized dogs and those pesky little holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas thrown in and well, here i am, with the last 5 days of the year (yes, I know it is only 4 days, but pretending I have 5 days makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER – so hush up you!) to make a coloring book. SO what am I doing writing on my blog you ask?? GOOD QUESTION!!! I opened up the ol’ sketch book and put it side by side with a finished coloring book to make myself feel better that this CAN actually happen. See?

So there you have it. It can be done! In 5 days? OF COURSE!!! Go away doubter!! I can do it! I mean, who needs sleep anyways??

Will be posting progress as I go. 🙂 Come along for this crazy train ride with me will you? You can watch me derail right in front of your eyes! Not really. (Ok, maybe a lil’ bit…)

In heaven…

So you know what I did today – am doing today- internet? I am in my studio y’all! Painting! And oh my gosh, can I tell you how much I missed this? So much that I am taking a quick break to share it with you! Because I have missed painting so, so much. And I have been so sad and down and depressed lately. Because while I am so very grateful for my job and the stability and insurance it provides, really I am, I miss my days of working from home. This time of year in the past I had so many paintings to do. Christmas orders. And they were all lined up and they were all over the place. And it was joy and happiness and oh, my heart just so full. And this year I only have a few to do. That is because I have not been trying to get them them. Like I said, I’ve been sad and depressed-like.  And it seemed like no matter what I told myself at work, that this night I would go home and paint, or make an html email advertising my art to sell, that by the time I got home, maybe went for a run, made dinner, helped with homework…well by the time it got to ME time, CREATIVE time.. Well, I was DONE y’all. And after a year of that, a year of not making time for me I got sad. Then sadder. Then screw it, I am gonna give up, what else can I go to school for I am MISERABLE Y’ALL! I had no idea that the not painting was making me more and more sad. Even as much as it seems like smack me in the head obvious when I write it out here. *SMACK!*

But today I decided to paint. And I should be working from home, but I will work on WORK stuff tonite instead. Because I needed a day like this. A day where I have the music on and the coffee brewing and the paint is being painted ON THE CANVAS. Not in my head, not ideas for tomorrow, not sketches to create is ‘someday.’ Today. And it feels so, so good. My heart is so happy. And I KNOW this is what I am supposed to be doing. And I will make time again and I will make it my goal to quit my job. SOON. So I can do what I am supposed to be doing AND make money at it.

That is all internet. As you were. I will write more soon, but there are doggies that need to get painted so that they can get outta my head and on canvas so you can see them too. And do you wanna see what joy, happiness, my personal heaven looks like? Yeah? Good, cause I wanna show you: