Starting a new coloring book!

Ya know, I facebook way too much and don’t blog enough. Trying to remedy that tho as I document the beginning to end of creating a coloring book. My publishers need me to get one done in oh, um, the next week so that they can have a prototype made up for a toy show in February in NYC. So true to my procrastinating nature I left it until the last minute. Well, I didn’t REALLY, I mean, I have a full time job, I have kids, I have a husband, three ridiculously over-sized dogs and those pesky little holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas thrown in and well, here i am, with the last 5 days of the year (yes, I know it is only 4 days, but pretending I have 5 days makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER – so hush up you!) to make a coloring book. SO what am I doing writing on my blog you ask?? GOOD QUESTION!!! I opened up the ol’ sketch book and put it side by side with a finished coloring book to make myself feel better that this CAN actually happen. See?

So there you have it. It can be done! In 5 days? OF COURSE!!! Go away doubter!! I can do it! I mean, who needs sleep anyways??

Will be posting progress as I go. 🙂 Come along for this crazy train ride with me will you? You can watch me derail right in front of your eyes! Not really. (Ok, maybe a lil’ bit…)

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