Oh poor blog I miss you! But I have a happy story!

So much going on! So much GOOD. Life is good, but man is it going by fast or is it just me? And so much to keep up with! Kids! Husband! Dogs! Job! Career! (funny how those last two things are not related in my mind! Well except in the way that my job pays for my career habit!) On that note, I had just about convinced the hubbie I needed to quit or at least go to part time to pursue my career 100%. He was um, less than thrilled with that idea, although I give him credit for saying I could do it if I felt I really needed to. Which I did. Sort of. Mostly. But then.

Then my agent suggested I consider contacting a developmental editor to help me with my writing. See, my art, she said, is there. It is STRONG it is GOOD. (Well, thank you very much, you make me blush.) But my writing is not quite there, ya know? (And yes I know). See, I have been drawing and painting and doodling since I was 4. Writing? Not so much. I mean I write, I have a blog, I like to rhyme, I make up lots of stories. But I have never taken any formal classes. And children’s book writing? Well, it is often considered one of the hardest forms of writing. So of COURSE that is what I want to do, right? Of course. Try telling a whole story, with about 32 pages of images in just around 100 words or so. It is HARD. And while I have a good start, I am what you would call, a person with potential. In other words, I need work. And polish. And advice. And direction. And so that is what a developmental editor can do for  you.

And so I contacted a woman in NYC whom is a 19 year veteran with Simon and Schuster, that just started her own business to tell her my agent referred me to her. Then I submitted my work to see if she would take me on as a client. And praise baby jeebus she said YES! And I could not be MORE excited! And just this week I sent off my signed contract to Ms. Dryden and soon we will be working together! I AM SO EXCITED! It looked like this, see:

(That’s totally CUTE, right? I know! have I mentioned how modest I am? Cause I TOTALLY am. And humble too.)

And of course, hiring someone like this, someone who knows EXACTLY what they are doing and has been in the industry for NINETEEN years, can charge for her much sought after talent. Why wouldn’t she? And I am fine with that, more than fine with that. And you know WHO ELSE is fine with that? The husband. Because NOW I WANT to STAY at my job so I can pay for this wonderful advice and direction and polishing. And hopefully get published. Ahhhhh…..

Don’t you just love a story that has a happy ending for everyone?? (Except maybe my coworkers. Because they now have to put up with my constant playing of Bon Jovi not to mention my often wildly inappropriate yet humorous anecdotes and comments for an indetermine amount of time. heh.)

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