Happy days

You know how sometimes in your life it seems that anything that can go wrong in your life DOES go wrong? And you wonder what is the point of this whole crazy thing called life? Yeah, I have had those times.

But sometimes you get these other times. Times where things seem to be so great. So awesome. So totally RIGHT that you are in the middle of making a simple hamburger dinner for your family and you literally stop to take in the awesomeness that is your life. And it isn’t that something amazing and wonderful has just happened, it is just that everything is so, well GOOD. You are so content. You have an amazing husband that gets you and loves you, even when you forget to put the top on the millionth jar for the billionth time, or leave the lights on tonite just like last night and the hundrend nights before that and he has to remind you to go turn it off even when you SWORE you remembered tonite. (you didn’t)  And you love him even if he does wake up with a grumpy face that occasionally scares The Soph or when he tells you not to dilly dally when we are walking somewhere and you can hardly keep up with his crazy long legs and German efficiency. And you have two awesome children that routinely drive you crazy in exact proportion to how much they make you giddy with pride and love. And you have three big, sloppy, drooly, dumb dogs that you plot to get rid of as much as you would be heartbroken to come downstairs one day and NOT see their big dumb goofy grins and waggy tails and clicky nails on the floor that drive you nuts. And you have family that is amazing, and loving and PRESENT in your life.

And all that passes through your mind in a moment of making hamburgers and you smile, walk over to your German husband efficiently entering the days’ receipts into quicken (leaving 3 cabinet doors open when you walk out of the room) and give him a kiss. And he looks up and says, “What was that for, is something wrong?” And you say, “Nothing is wrong. Everything is exactly perfect.”  And it is, for absolutely no reason at all.

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